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Smartphones have created a way to make the silence somewhat more bearable but it is just masking the inability or unwillingness to communicate with each other. Here at HuffPost UK Lifestyle, we know how people desperately want to be better behaved with their phones, but at the same time feel utterly dependent on it for everything. In response to 'Death Of Conversation', Babycakes said that the most poignant remarks are how miserable and rejected people feel.

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You choose how to present yourself rather than being exposed for what you are and it is for this reason that people are resorting more and more to computer communication. It allows them to be the best version of themselves and that is very appealing.

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Heck, it's a good day if they manage to go five minutes without looking at their phones. Very sobering stuff.

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And in case you're wondering, no, he doesn't have a smartphone. By adding a slight twist, the team name instantly became a cheeky endearment as well. At first, many New Orleans baseball fans clung to the name Zephyrs, which had traveled with the team from their original home in Denver in The term Zephyr referred to a beloved Colorado passenger train and only coincidentally related to the bygone Zephyr roller coaster at Pontchartrain Beach that closed in Those rare individuals who recognized the brilliance of the Baby Cakes rebranding argued that the name New Orleans Zephyrs had always been as incongruous as, say, The Utah Jazz … and boring to boot.

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Baseball fans, who are genetically predisposed to abbreviation, called them the Zs. Nonetheless, on opening night of the first Baby Cakes season in , those of us who recognized the brilliance of the Baby Cakes rebranding were chided by rearguard fans who struck up a Zephyrs chant in protest of the name change. The Baby Cakes team logo, which featured an irascible infant who some saw as a cartoon doppelganger for then-Mayor Mitch Landrieu circled by a purple, green and gold king cake and clutching a baseball bat, seemed to be much more readily accepted than the team name.

The term Baby Cakes was a curve that caught the outside corner. Unfortunately, not all of New Orleans was ready to connect the king cake to baseball dots.

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New Orleans Baby Cakes catcher Bryan Holaday celebrates the final strike out to end the game with a win during the home opener for the New…. And in fact, he said, many fans did. If he could do anything differently, Rojas said, he would have taken out a full-page newspaper ad that would have explained the Baby Cakes concept to the public immediately after it was announced.

Whenever he had a chance to describe the nuances of the team name and logo to fans in person, he said, they would get it.

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Unlike Rojas, Baby Cakes broadcaster Ron Swoboda, a bona fide baseball star, art lover and keen Crescent City cultural observer, believes the Baby Cakes branding experiment had dubious effects. Swoboda acknowledges that minor league clubs in other cities are known for their wacky names, such as the Hartford Yard Goats, Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp and Biloxi Shuckers.

But here, the name seemed unnatural.

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  • Whenever the topic came up, he called for people to not take it too seriously. Yet I remain unconvinced.


    I still love the subtle subversion that the Baby Cakes name represented. It was a new team name that matched the new Mardi Gras, where nutty upstart parades and naughty marching groups, many founded by transplants, are putting a twist on old-time tradition. I loved that it pushed us a little off balance and made us a little uncomfortable.

    In terms of team names, the Baby Cakes was almost as fundamentally irreverent as the Saints.

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