Beatle Song Profiles: A Hard Days Night

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Randy Lewis. Follow Us. Randy Lewis has covered pop music for the Los Angeles Times since , working in that time as a reporter, music critic and editor for the Calendar section. He has interviewed most of the members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. More From the Los Angeles Times. Opera eliminates his old title. Usually private Sia goes public with Ehlers-Danlos diagnosis and more.

Ten wild, waaay out-there Ginger Baker drum performances. Following Cream and Blind Faith, the late drummer traveled restlessly to collaborate with kindred spirits. Here, a playlist of incomparable power and swing. Damian Lillard, a. At the time, 12 string electrics were virtually non-existent. It was only the second ever produced by the company, and the first to use the now distinctive Rickenbacker string arrangement of having the low string first higher on the guitar and first to be hit by the pick then the high string below it.

This is part of what makes the sound distinctive. Emerick says Ringo at the same time with the bongos, but it seems impossible to play both at the same time. And George Martin added the same line on the piano. Later when they were supposed to play this song live, there was a problem. So what to do..? They cut the solo from the LP-album and inserted it inte the live version from TotP. These are thing that I do like about the beatles.

And with no piano even. If I recall, the use of the studio-recorded solo is even mentioned in the liner-notes I only have the CDs themselves now. But he did it well on live as the song was played on almost every concert they did in The album was called Yeah! I suspect the film was called the same, though I may be wrong.

I think that Gearge Harrison had a really raw deal. Often songs were arranged or even composed in the recording studio with little or no time for George to think up, let alone practice, solo or other lead parts. Good point. But impromptu can also be an advantage. All of the Beatles were great at just putting it out. Sometimes thinking too much is counterproductive.

How to Choose the Right Acoustic Guitar Pickup

I have no idea what the deal was in the studio, but these guys were so talented they could run with the moment so well. By this time they were recording on four-track and solos were often left off the rhythm track to be overdubbed later, or were replaced later. I would bet it was mainly a question of time- whether they had it to do overdubs and get them right. Some of his playing is beautiful, and some is excruciating.

Harrison was the youngest and, it seems, lacking a bit in self-confidence. He seemed to mature during this time, probably due to a lot of things: getting married, discovering a fascination with the music and philosophy of India, the challenge to his role in the band as Paul started playing a lot of leads, and the simple act of getting a bit older. Great insight, artwest! He was aweome. Not really. Yes, I find it amusing. Paul has a tendency to dramatize things and, at times, to seemingly try to steer some of the credit away from John.

Of course, it would be hard to do were John still with us! In the opening sequence the Beatles are filmed running, and tripping in Boston Place, a street that runs parallel to the station.

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, large joints and Sgt Pepper as a double album

I love this album. He dominates but all the others are firing too. Things become more melodic and equally good in a different way when Paul takes over. Both halves of the Beatles output are great. Just count myself bloody lucky.

Stuff like that? It does have some errors e.

Why The Beatles A Hard Day's Night Album Was So Special -

Paul did not play bass on She Said, She Said but is fairly accurate. Oh paul, the over bearing one…. I have always loved this song and the movie. But still and awesome song. A great song and as George Martin said in the above article, the guitar opening at the beginning is perfect. It sets the scene for the song, album and brilliant film. I am so pleased to have them all on DVD now.

The Beatles ‘A Hard Day’s Night’: An Appreciation

The song is a collaboration, but it is mainly written by John Lennon with he and Paul McCartney sharing the vocals on different parts of the song, which works brilliantly. Of course it is legend how Ringo accidentally came up with the title. First heard this song on a family members 45 and later got the album. That apparently was not how his music muse works, and he took unfair criticism.

Could have been for this song. They had taped it from England for the Grammys. Wonder if that exists anywhere. He based the verses of their song This Is Pop on these chords except on the last verse chord where he adds a G on the G string.

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  2. The Master of the Cube.
  3. Barre Hopping at Midnight (The Dani Spevak Mystery Series).
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In their tune, as above, 6th to 1st: 1. So called Beatle chord then 4. Their chorus has nothing to do with it, except the last chord slash. He reckons the chord is a big Rickenbacker gtr stab in the back of British Victoriana music!

Beatle Song Profiles:  A Hard Days Night Beatle Song Profiles: A Hard Days Night
Beatle Song Profiles:  A Hard Days Night Beatle Song Profiles: A Hard Days Night
Beatle Song Profiles:  A Hard Days Night Beatle Song Profiles: A Hard Days Night
Beatle Song Profiles:  A Hard Days Night Beatle Song Profiles: A Hard Days Night
Beatle Song Profiles:  A Hard Days Night Beatle Song Profiles: A Hard Days Night
Beatle Song Profiles:  A Hard Days Night Beatle Song Profiles: A Hard Days Night

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