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His song "The Anthem" - which is widely considered to be Toronto's unofficial pro sports team theme song - which he performed at Game One of the NBA Finals between the Toronto Raptors and the Golden State Warriors and was recently commissioned to remix last week by U.

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This time around, Kardinal takes another run at the crown with his new single "Run" from his forthcoming Pick Your Poison album. This is Toronto. This is RUN. And the legends just keep on coming. Before that, Cockburn will be getting in his dusty truck with his dusty dog and very clean guitars ok, I made that up. It showcases 11 all-original compositions by Cockburn, who plays acoustic guitar throughout, backed by a stellar cast of sympathetic musicians.

Red Clover Flowers On The Field

Now, with the intriguingly titled Crowing Ignites, Cockburn has released another dazzling instrumental album that will further cement his reputation as both an exceptional composer and a picker with few peers. Makes me want to sip whiskey out of a sea shell on some rocky headland! The album is rich in styles from folk and blues to jazz, all genres Cockburn has previously explored. But there are also deepening excursions into what might be called free-form world music. Often the pieces are the result of sitting practicing or fooling around on the guitar. When I find something I like, I work it into a full piece.

Time for the Wild Card of the Week. Honey Harper is the project of Atlanta-born, London-based musician William Fussell and works with a fresh take on what modern country can be. Honey Harper shares a new single to celebrate the arrival of summer. It's a musical and personal celebration of summer.

She is a Gemini and I am a classic Leo so we begin and end the summer season though not in strict astrological terms. Along with the new single, Harper is sharing a new visual for "Strawberry Lite.

Jadea Kelly – Living in Clover

The song served as the initial offering from Harper's two-track EP, which is out now on 7" vinyl and arrives ahead of his debut album due later this year. With new music on the horizon, Honey Harper is gearing up to become the torchbearer for a revitalized country sound. Honey Harper, born William Fussell, grew up surrounded by country music in the heart of Georgia. He introduced himself to the country music world with his debut EP Universal Country in , a genre-bending project pieced together over multiple years with deep ties to Harper's Georgia roots.

The critically-acclaimed EP showcased a multi-faceted new vision of country music and harnessed its most beautiful elements from an outsider's perspective. She's since toured the country, accumulated over 1. The video for this song was directed by Jenni Johnson a badass and collaborator of Clover's since her first release and shot by D. P Ciara Boniface Winner of Disney's search for the "Next Visionary Filmmaker" and reflects the song well: Giving your all to something even when it's never going to be enough- The video takes place in a Barbie Box and accentuates the insecurities our culture feeds off of, showcasing different beauty treatments and women physically and mentally pushing themselves to the limit I'm no stranger to toxic relationships with others and with myself.

Sticking around for them is something I'd like to do less of, and this song is that first step of calling myself out. I showed up at the studio about noon, brutally hungover, and decided to write the song about my feelings toward the LA house party I attended the night prior.

I have always felt strongly about the internet and the false reality it presents. When you choose to pursue a life in music, triumphs can be few and far between, and finding a unique and compelling voice can be as rare as finding a four-leaf clover. It is my passion and it is stitched into the very fabric of my being. Whether performing in a large hall or sowing a field with seeds, both professions are a calling and require a love of land and art. Presented by Comino Productions. Unfortunately, it also led to exhaustion from heavy touring. In , she finally left the road, moved into the rented room of a Toronto home, and grew her first-ever garden.

Perhaps it was the familial farming spirit, but solace, peace and reflection came while she rested and tilled the soil — as did 30 to 40 acoustic demo recordings. These demos were completely stripped down and quickly circulated throughout the musical community. Jadea is kicking off the release with a small promotional tour in Canada — including a stop in Peterborough at The Spill on June 26 — to be followed by tours in North America and Europe over the fall and winter. For more information about Jadea, visit her website at www. You can also like her Facebook page and follow her on Twitter at JadeaKelly.

For more information about Mayhemingways, visit their website at mayhemingways.

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All schools in the Kawarthas will be closed on Monday if…. Help out our leafy neighbours and plant a tree this fall. Severe thunderstorm watch for the Kawarthas on Tuesday afternoon and evening.

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Community garden in Lindsay produces more than two tons of fresh….

Clover and Lily - Guitar Clover and Lily - Guitar
Clover and Lily - Guitar Clover and Lily - Guitar
Clover and Lily - Guitar Clover and Lily - Guitar
Clover and Lily - Guitar Clover and Lily - Guitar
Clover and Lily - Guitar Clover and Lily - Guitar
Clover and Lily - Guitar Clover and Lily - Guitar
Clover and Lily - Guitar Clover and Lily - Guitar
Clover and Lily - Guitar Clover and Lily - Guitar

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