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Dec 03, Kevin rated it really liked it. Think leading your team cohesively is tough, image doing it while nearly freezing to death. I still take a look at the 10 rules and try and apply them.

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Jun 24, David rated it really liked it. The book ties leadership principles back the story of Antarctic explorers. The detail and research on the explorers is very good. Sep 14, Louise Sullivan rated it really liked it. Using the harrowing circumstances of the expedition of Earnest Shackleton, the author presents ten strategies that Shackleton used that can be helpful to leaders.

These strategies are: 1 Never lose sight of the ultimate goal, and focus energy on short-term goals. There's always another move. There are many exercises in this book which will be helpful to those who want to be a more resilient leader. I found a lot of value in this book. Research results from those who have taken the tests and exercises listed in the book would make this book stronger. View 2 comments. Apr 05, LifeSparring. Leading at The Edge is one of the better books on leadership out there.

Perkins calls it. Whoever has experienced challenging situations in a leadership role will definitely appreciate the book.

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While not very scientific, the value lies in the rich collection of practical examples of the leadership principles identified by the author. Don't buy the book if you want a rec Leading at The Edge is one of the better books on leadership out there. Don't buy the book if you want a recount of the Shackleton Expedition, the Author makes very clear that this is a leadership book based on the Shackleton example, not a book on the expedition itself. Great Inspiration to Never Give Up Perkins gives a detailed account of the incredible lengths that Shackelford went to in order to save his men.

He had a lot of great qualities as a leader, there are a lot of lessons that can be learned from his experience.

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He wasn't perfect, and no other leader is, either. However, the context of adversity that marks an expedition like his puts everything they do under a microscope, which magnifies the flaws as well as the successes. This is a great study in gr Great Inspiration to Never Give Up Perkins gives a detailed account of the incredible lengths that Shackelford went to in order to save his men. This is a great study in great leadership. Aug 13, Ben Lobaugh rated it it was amazing.

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I have long thought Shackleton's journey should be the subject of a leadership study and Perkins nailed it! He used illustrations from other areas in support also. Superb book. The stories really suck you in and then Perkins inserts in the teachable moment. I believe this book would be a great read for anyone on their leadership journey. Jan 04, Carl Fries rated it it was amazing. Our management team read this book as a team. Each chapter was summarized by a different individual and how the lesson may apply to our teams.

Lots of eye opening moments and best practices pulled from this book. It was excellent for this format, a group setting. Nov 09, Kat Robey rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed this take on leadership mixed with the history of polar explorers, among other stories. Educational, inspirational, and a good example of how values and leadership show up in all areas of a person's life, in all their roles, in who they are as a person.

Do yours? Great tool for reflection and growth. May 11, Don Gubler rated it liked it.

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As leadership books go this is just average. If you have an interest in Shackleton beyond his leadership skills read something else. Mar 06, Stephen rated it really liked it. I read this for work over several months - with meetings to discuss chapters etc.

Leading at the Edge There's helpful resources as well: discussion questions at the end of each chapter I've read the 2nd Edition. There's I read this for work over several months - with meetings to discuss chapters etc. There's a skills survey at the end, etc. I found the last few chapters particularly helpful. Common sense. Things like developing skills necessitates that you don't have them at the start: "a certain level of ignorance and incompetence.

Experiencing fear, therefore does not mean that you cannot accomplish something.


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It doesn't even mean that something is wrong. In many circumstances you are supposed to be afraid. It just means that while you are doing it, you are going to be afraid -perhaps even terrified. The more you accept and engage your fears, the less they will stand in the way.

Other headlines: "Find an environment that supports learning", "Practice the art of thriving" work, relationships, physical health, renewal: all centered on "purpose". Anyway: as you probably can see: a lot of common sense, obvious stuff once you read - but sometimes it's just good to focus attention on them. Aug 30, Carol rated it liked it Shelves: other-non-fiction. She gave a really engaging talk based on this book. It was way better than I was expecting from a leadership conference. Out library director got several copies of the book, and gave one to me, so I went ahead and read it.

Like the talk, this book was way better than I was expecting from a management text. It's all built around the Shackleton expedition to the Antarctic, and derives ten leadership principles from Shackleton's actions and approach during the expedition. It's a very compelling story, which kept the book from getting dry or too enmired in business-speak. Using examples from the expedition also kept everything rooted in real, practical situations. The writing is also very straightforward, relatively free of buzzwords and jargon, and keeps everything moving. If you were to find yourself wanting or needing to read something on management and leadership, this book will do nicely.

Feb 11, Travis rated it really liked it. Just finished listening to this one. A good book on leadership. Not much in terms of groundbreaking or particularly new but the subject of study is so fascinating that it makes the book worth it. In this episode, my friend and colleague, Dr. Jennifer Best, Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Education at the University of Washington, shares her expertise on leadership through storytelling, covering professional development, personal formation, difficult conversations, and mentorship.

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Brilliantly useful, fantastically intuitive, beautiful UI. She had not helped set up or prepare anything. Tracy put the final touches on her lips before sitting down to enjoy the yogurt she brought herself. In between bites, she would check herself out in the mirror on her phone while also checking her Facebook. When it came time to make introductions, Tracy stood up and made sure everyone knew that she was the leader of the group because she had joined this company before anyone there.

While the visiting leaders gave their presentation, Tracy had her phone in hand, scrolling Facebook, and, at one point ,went out to the parking lot to do business and sell her product to someone she had just texted. This is an actual story that is shocking but true. She was constantly on her phone, and she continued talking to others while the event speakers took questions.

When the event was finished, she promptly mentioned she needed to get home right away and asked for some help to get things to her car.

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If this was a case study, it would be what NOT to do. Tracy may have the title of a leader, but she was lacking maturity and not focused on helping anybody but herself. The drastic contrast was her counterpart, Nancy. Nancy had been up early greeting the visiting leaders who came in on an early morning flight.

Edge! A Leadership Story Edge! A Leadership Story
Edge! A Leadership Story Edge! A Leadership Story
Edge! A Leadership Story Edge! A Leadership Story
Edge! A Leadership Story Edge! A Leadership Story
Edge! A Leadership Story Edge! A Leadership Story

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