Innovative Learning with the I Pad

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November explains,. You get very different results when you informate. The real revolution is information and communication, not technology.

Morris K. Udall Middle

Let go of the word technology. Amplifying is the idea of publishing or broadcasting your work.

It empowers students to use the tool to access information and engage in the creation of a new product. Fisher emphasized the need to shift to student-centered work; the student is the producer rather than consumer. To make this happen learners need ample opportunities with authentic tasks in alternative instructional contexts.

Students Receive iPads as part of Verizon Innovative Learning Schools Program

The pieces fit together. So how can the ipads be catalysts for this pegagogical shift? He talked about apps that provide students with the opportunity to be creative. For example, ShowMe is an app that allows student to make their own simple videos adding audio and text. He also gave an example of Easy Chart , an app students use to create bar, line, pie and sidebar charts.

Innovative learning

He gave a quick demonstration of Comic Life for the iPad. Many teachers in our district are familiar with this software on the Mac and now it is conveniently available as an app. Again, we use this as well and it is a great app on the iPad. When it came to resources, the item he identified as most useful for teachers was Livebinders. If you search iPads in Livebinders you can find lots of folders with excellent information. The folders are rated with stars and the number of users so you have a sense of the popularity of the information inside the folder.

I suggest you bookmark it. As we move forward with the iPad technology, it will be important to remember, it can be a powerful tool to leverage student learning. It is teachers, however, who will make the difference. We can simply bolt the iPad onto what we already do OR we can look at it as a lever to unleash constructivism-teaching strategies. Bolt or lever—what will you choose? It raises images of joyful exploration — powerful! I agree with the focus on transformative uses of the tools, rather than simply adapting existing practices.

My children and I learn together!

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And students are often more comfortable with the technology tools than the adults around them. Or they know about different tools than we do.

30 of the Most Useful Education Apps for Teachers and Students

They certainly have less fear of trying new things with that tech! And sometimes the adults have to remember to step back and let the students lead the way with these tools — setting out clear objectives, but letting them experiment and discover.

In the meantime, my 5yo noticed the new icon, launched the app and, before I knew it, was creating an animated story with moving characters and his own voiceover. I had no idea the app allowed you to record your own voice, yet he just figured it out. By redesigning courses to maximize the use of digital tools and updated learning spaces, students become more engaged, learning becomes more experiential, concepts become clearer and students leave the class better prepared.

AU has found that when technology is incorporated, more students are better able to grasp challenging concepts. For example, pre-testing and post-testing in biology showed that using stop-animation video to learn about the cell division processes mitosis and meiosis led to huge gains in student understanding of those ideas.

About the program

The key benefit, according to professors, is that students in the updated classes are more engaged and more excited about learning. In recent years, Anderson University has sought to match the physical environment with the flexibility and innovation afforded by digital learning tools. This has resulted in a number of new and redesigned spaces on campus, including a learning commons in Thrift Library, redesigned active learning classrooms, a makerspace, and media studios.

These physical changes enable students to better collaborate with their peers, design and create tangible items from using digital tools, and engage in deeper learning experiences. The mission of the CIDL is to enrich teaching and learning through academic innovation. The CIDL aims to serve as a catalyst to make Anderson University a leader in teaching and learning in liberal arts higher education.

Further information about the CIDL is available at www. Because of the grant from the State of South Carolina, our campus is home to the Center of Excellence for Mobile Learning, tasked with duplicating the success of our groundbreaking Mobile Learning Initiative but targeting elementary, middle, and high school students.

The Center for Innovation and Digital Learning assists professors, departments, and Colleges who are interested in exploring digital learning and redesigning their courses or programs to maxi through sound instructional design, the adoption of current pedagogies, and meaningful selection and integration of technology. The program offers stipends that cover hardware, software and other redesign costs. Each semester, a course design and development workshop is held for faculty, and during the summer, a design institute has professors think through changes that incorporate innovation and digital learning at the programmatic as well.


Each year, more AU classes incorporate digital learning, and material is continually updated to ensure student gains. Several professors record lecture material for students to view outside of class, allowing more time to implement that information through interactive projects during class time.

Other students collaborate to create books, films, blogs, apps and podcasts, or take private, online music classes via FaceTime or Skype.

Innovative Learning with the I Pad Innovative Learning with the I Pad
Innovative Learning with the I Pad Innovative Learning with the I Pad
Innovative Learning with the I Pad Innovative Learning with the I Pad
Innovative Learning with the I Pad Innovative Learning with the I Pad
Innovative Learning with the I Pad Innovative Learning with the I Pad

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