Inquiring of God - Foundations of Talmudic & Biblical Psychology

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Models of Understanding

Many of us Americans grew up in the school system and watching television. Now that we are parents, many of us need guidance for what we did not learn. These articles on Christian Parenting include fundamental precepts concerning caring for our children as relaxed, loving parents. Some people still naturally have this, but many of us need help. Heathens have been tampering with the Authorized King James Bible, incorporating alterations and adding all kinds of abominations e. Go here for an excellent download and more information. In America, we have almost completely lost our manhood and womanhood.

Our deceptions are great but the word of God will deliver us if carefully applied to our lives. God made man to rule. May the men reading this understand that they are the image and glory of God. May we all repent of our sins and hide the word of God in our hearts. America is a nation of servant-serfs and we are about to pay an even greater price than we already have for our carelessness and gullibility. Woman, clean your house and teach your children at home from the Authorized King James Version of the holy Bible. Embrace Genesis - as your outline--read it to your child regularly until you both have a good understanding of it.

By God's grace and almighty power, babies can as a matter of course read while they are still in diapers children do not need to read many books, may your children be healthy, happy, respectful, and taught skills. Toddlers can read the Authorized Version of the scriptures. Four year olds can learn cursive writing. May we rise up from the rubble of modern life and lift up God's word in the education of our children. Let us turn our hearts back toward home instead of constantly on the distant mission field.

Combine this with the television and you will understand why the children are turning out deficient and full of problems--physical, mental, and spiritual. There are reasons the school system is failing and turning out sots dull heads , rebels, whoremongers, and freaks--it is by design. Americans were once a strong, independent, rugged, innovative, productive, freedom-loving people. But now look, we are at the bottom of the barrel dependent on someone else for every morsel of food that we eat--let the grocery stores close down and see what happens across this land. Through "progressive" education progressing toward what?

Americans were in an uproar when the progressives first tried to implement compulsory schooling at the turn of the twentieth century. But now look. We kick our children out of the door at five years old and earlier if Mother works into "kindergarten". Christians did not belong in the school system in the first place Deuteronomy --may the true disciples bail out of that sinking ship and exchange it for a sanctified homeschool under a Biblical Scholarship. Beware to ALL Christian peoples all over the whole world on every continent and on every island!

That includes those that live on houseboats! You aspire to the American model in so many ways--lifestyle, education, clothing styles, church organization and doctrines , maybe even a small family size, etc.

Inquire of God and Listen

We Americans can quickly quench the Spirit with our tracts, suits and ties, and programs. You do not have to imitate us nor should you. Do not rush out to our seminaries and colleges. We've bought the lie that college degrees are important. Our Lord never learned letters ref. John In the American church, we've replaced the anointing with Bible college. You do not have to go to Bible college to know God or to know how to conduct a proper church meeting see I Corinthians Beware of our American missionaries, their teachings, their scripture translations, and the technologies they may want to introduce to "increase productivity" in your village.

If they bring you seeds, ask questions about those seeds. Better yet, only use your own native food and seeds. Even the seeds in America are being corrupted through false science. Americans are oblivious as to what is happening. If you homeschool, don't blindly follow our various "Christian" homeschool curricula for they are just warmed-over worldly scholarship sprinkled with a few Bible verses! The American system is death! This warning comes from one with a college degree I destroyed that piece of paper!

Don't give up your ox for a tractor machine! Don't give up the old ways! Keep your dairy goat and your broody hens. Go back in time and figure out how your forefathers did things! Get your hand tools and live a real and simple life--it is inexpensive and your children will love it.

The American model is a trap! And if you watch that filthy trance medium called television, shame on you! You cannot have a sanctified home if you are not sanctified! Are you a Christian or not? The designer clothes, the mortgage on the big house, the credit cards, the Kraft grocery store food we know practically nothing about procuring our own food , endless sweets we are addicted to sugar , fast food, fancy restaurants, resorts, amusements, cable television, car notes, video games, spa memberships, ad nauseum--if we had listened to the scriptures, Christians would not have gotten entangled!

They would have remained separate from this net. If the preachers had preached the word and lived right, they would have warned us. But no, by and large, Isaiah describes many preachers-- Isaiah His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber. Today, instead of warning us and giving us good teaching and instruction to get out of this calamity, they have their game nights, plays, "watermelon Sundays", morning service, evening service, mid-week service, men's Bible study, women's Bible study, youth group meetings, special services, retreats, "revivals", etc.

And a great number of these false teachers have turned the church building into a brothel! They join in marriage divorced persons who have living spouses--in direct contradiction to the scriptures Matthew , Matthew , fornication defined as in Deuteronomy , This is adultery. And then when the adulterers have children of whoredom, the preacher smiles and holds a "baby dedication" during the church service! Hebrews Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge. Many of these ungodly men are adulterers themselves. One may have a living wife and is now shacking up with a concubine that he calls "wife".

For another, maybe his woman has a husband roaming the earth while she is in the bed with the preacher! Sometimes both the preacher and his wife have spouses! Some of these ungodly shepherds take their churches to the movie theatre and broadway plays! And they are so comatose that they can't even tell us to rest on the seventh day of the week like God did! SDAs need to get out of that false belief system. This is a call for the restoration of the sabbath day in the lives of Christians, a gift from God made for man ref.

Mark I call it my weekly vacation! The sabbath is the day that God rested from his labours, after he finished creating heaven and earth. It is the seventh day. Sunday is not the sabbath. It never was, never could be, and never will be the sabbath this does not mean go to the Seventh Day Adventist cult. They preach on the latest news and television shows but can't tell me how to rest! Just how to go to "church" four or five times a week! God had to find me down here and tell me the truth! Not buying and selling like a disobedient Israel in the days of Nehemiah! Isaiah ! Let God slough this putrifying fleshly mess off of us!

And if your preacher does not want to be right, leave his church building! The saints are being persecuted in churches that persist in their evil ways and refuse to conform to the scriptures. We ARE the church. Leaving a building is not leaving the church. The American situation is dire and serious as was powerfully foretold by Samuel Breese Morse creator of Morse Code in in his book "Foreign Conspiracy Against the United States" can be found online, the Mother has a starring role.

Pray and ask God to help you to return to the old paths. If you know how to fast, do that too. The old paths are only a step away. Get your children out of the school system and teach them yourself. Parents have been doing that for millenia with no help from the government. With God's word as your textbook , you can have a sanctified homeschool that comes behind NO worldly school.

As you bask in the blessing and richness of a Biblical Scholarship, one can detect the inane, foolish, criminal, obfuscating and irrelevance of the world's schools. Equipped with the outline of Genesis taking heed to God's classifications , the scriptures will take the anointed teacher on a thrilling exploration of all things in heaven and in earth and gives scholars the way to neatly classify all things of a truth, only the Authorized King James Version will work with this. The outline of Genesis can be taught to a four year old.

This passage of scripture actually prepares your and your child's mental filing cabinet to be able to automatically classify all things. This is a critical need in a world inundated with ever-increasing amounts of new information and technologies. You and your scholar will not be overwhelmed by this incessant flow of information--instead you will be able to instantly classify it and tell whether it is good or evil In a sanctified home, you don't watch television and you don't look on the internet for some new news on the latest blasphemies-you ignore what the world is doing, you have your own kind of life independent from the world's filthy traps and snares.

You live a holy, sanctified life lived simply and without much fanfare as you read your Authorized King James Bible and live in the simplicity that is found in Christ Jesus ref. II Corinthians ; A sanctified school inculcates sound learning, original thought, independent thinking, joy, worship, and much excitement for the engaged teacher and scholar.

Deception Series and the Mother King James had plenty to say about her. Revelation chapter 17 talks about a great whore--how she is clothed, how she sits on seven mountains , commits fornication with the kings of the earth, etc. God's description of her is so precise that Christians, for centuries, have identified this woman as the Roman Catholic institution. In Revelation , we are told that there is a name written upon her forehead. And this is called a mysterie, because although this abuse shall be publike, as is signified by being written on her forehead , yet none shall consider the abuse thereof, but onely such, whose eyes it shall please God to illuminate for that effect.

The context of the statement: The pope had spoken of keeping the "flock" from the "deadly pastures" 19 of the Bible Society which was working "to have the holy Bible translated For Caesar can receive what is his only if God is given what is His. The above illustrates the concept of the Mother and rulers working in tandem to achieve their individual objectives. One might see it as, "the rulers wash our back and we'll wash theirs" or "the rulers help us out and we'll keep their subjects under control. She is known for crimes and sins--whether her wiles in the confessional e. Russ Kick, p.

Religion as a mask and cover to devour kingdoms The pervasive and continual pattern of such aiding and abetting of criminal pedophiles compounded by extraordinary efforts to conceal records and other evidence of their criminality can only be properly described as organized crime. The bishops, in his telling, cover up for pedophile priests by moving them from state to state to avoid detection. He named a star defendant in one case: the Holy See "see" means "seat. One has to go back to the "papal states" and then up to the Lateran Treaty of to get a little history and to figure out how this was pulled off.

He warred against her with his pen! He wrote it down. What she was doing. King James' Workes reveals the modus operandi. Through his writings, King James introduced us to the Roman Catholic its-good-to-kill-kings doctrines. Then read down on this index page for some nowadays information as in Adolf Hitler and Roman Catholic Croatian Ustasha , ratlines, Catholic Action, etc. And also look around and ask yourself if there is really a separation of church and state in the United States of America James Bishop of Winton, who compiled and published King James' Workes, noted in the preface to the Workes that Rome was safe from his majestie's sword, but with his pen, it was not so.

James of Winton also spoke of their "Adversaries" whose kingdom of late "hath been more shaken by a poor Monk as in Martin Luther , than it hath been able to recover by the help of Mighty Monarchs. If they could bring it about therefore, to calm and quiet his Majesty's Spirit from working upon them that way; as they see his Majesty's sweetness to be far from drawing of their bloods the other way, they would deem it a greater Conquest, then all the conversions of the Kings of the East and West-Indes they tell us so many tales of: For they look upon his Majesty's Books, as men look upon Blazing-Stars, with amazement, fearing they portend some strange thing, and bring with them a certain Influence to work great change and alteration in the world: Neither is their expectation herein deceived; for we have seen with our eyes, the Operation of his Majesty's Workes in the Consciences of their men so far, as from their highest Conclave to their lowest Cells, there have been, that have been converted by them ; and that in such number, as we want rather means to maintain them, then they minds to come to us.

He tells us about the detestable "parricides" king killings--kings as fathers of their countries. We don't see too many of these fatherly kings any more. We see white smiling teeth and business suits and a series of decrees. Considered by many to be the most learned king to ever upon the English throne known as Britain's King Solomon , King James confessed that he believed that God put him on the throne that his words might be heard from so eminent a place.

His words flew across Europe while, as he testified in his Remonstrance, his own life was in danger from Rome i. King James I and the Defense of the Right of Kings includes telling excerpts and King James' knowledge that Rome would continue to the end he died way back in The Authorized Version of of the scriptures makes everything obvious. Read your Bible and obey it.

Love the truth and sell it not. Gaining Persective A look at the Gunpowder Plot of can direct the attention as to what has been happening in the earth. The Gunpowder Plot is an example of classic Roman Catholic recusancy. This link puts the Gunpowder Plot in historical perspective and addresses some of what happened after the Plot unto current times. It includes a link to information on the "common good" which is being spoken about these days. The following is from Black's Law Dictionary emphases ours -- Papal supremacy.

The supremacy which the Pope claimed not only over the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, but over all other Christian princes. The papal supremacy was overthrown in England by acts of the Parliament which met in and was dissolved in , ending in the Act of Supremacy which substituted the King for the Pope. The Mother is drunken with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus Excerpt from The American Textbook of Popery Where can you travel about Europe, and not find the deathless proofs of the sanguinary spirit and merciless exhibition of Popery?

Cities, towns, villages, and other spots consecrated by the Christian's prayers and tears, and hallowed by the martyr's blood , continuously bring before your eyes, the prophetic vision, Revelation 17; " The woman sitting upon the scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy; drunken with the blood of the Saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus;" delighted with the work of death which she had enjoined, and exulting in the racks, and daggers, and poison, and fires which that "Mystery" had invented and coerced into ceaseless and universal application?

Do her official documents show that she is done punishing people? Exodus This next section is going to deal a lot with the Roman Catholic Jesuits. Are we witnessing an attempted return to the Dark Ages? Preachers have not kept up contact with holiness nor with the truth itself.

And who has been teaching our children? And who has been writing the history books? Who owns the publishing houses? We need to take care of our own academic needs and write or compile our own books, based on the truth and what is relevant to be learned and stop putting this important business into the hands of others.

The Origins of Academic Psychology

The preachers also have not kept up remembrance of our brethren who have died and by whom they have died. The woman is a great city that reigneth over the kings of the earth Revelation She is drunken with the blood of the saints. She has killed millions. The preachers have not told us about the sons of Loyola, the Roman Catholic Jesuits and the black pope, nor about the issues raised against the Jesuits when Pope Clement XIV suppressed the Jesuit order for ever. They did not tell us information like, " the Jesuits are the only religious order in the Church of Rome Phelp's massive tome is over pages and physically looks like a dictionary , etc.

Tupper Saussy one of his "favorite cousins" is a Jesuit, xvii , p. Some public books can be written for those that know how to read them Even a single word on a sign can tell a whole story the confirmation of that understanding may very well come along later. We have not heard about the historic Jesuit-influence in the education of youth or quotes like this one showing that college was used to influence students and overturn the gains of the Protestant Reformation.

Baruch Spinoza

Children's minds are being bent. She was the church that most of Europe knew--and she ruled with an iron fist--torturing, killing, and plundering people. Assassinating people, ruling over kings, etc. In the s, people began to see the basic truth of the scriptures that the just shall live by faith and not the heresies of the Roman Catholic institution--her sacraments, paying to get out of a fictional "purgatory", etc. He was bringing the word of God to bear on the false doctrines of Rome. Rome did not take this lying down. The Jesuit order would be founded a few years later and the Jesuits would go on to help wage the "Counter Reformation" to basically undo all that the Reformation did and halt and hinder its progress.

This was basically damage control because people were leaving Rome and trying to find the truth of justification by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and his word not to say that all the reformers had everything right. High schools, colleges and universities built up and staffed by the Society are widely spread throughout the country. In there were 41 high schools and 28 colleges and universities maintained by the Society in the United States.

The numbers of students for the same year were: high schools, 25,; colleges and universities, 97, With his pen, King James wrought and exposed who plotted against his life in the Gunpowder Plot and who had been taking the lives of his fellow princes. Upon reading his Remonstrance, Premonition, etc. God's people need to ask and answer some important questions, like, "Who and what is the pope? Tupper Saussy, HarperCollins edition originally published in U. It is true, and there was such a man. His name was Eugene Nida This man stood at the crossroads of virtually every modern translation, and of every modern revision of a previous translation.

Daniels, Chick Publications. Also included in the book is information on a machine-like system, individual events piggy backing on their predecessors. Daniels includes more information on the role of Nida as well as Jesuit Walter Abbott and his article featured in the Jesuit America magazine--"This seemingly innocuous article started a ball rolling on the Catholic side" ibid, p. I have seen this to be the case. As one keeps gazing, things become extremely obvious. A talk by the late Dr. The pope speaks of keeping the "flock" from the "deadly pastures" of the Bible Society 19 which was working "to have the holy Bible translated He said that his predecessors published "many constitutions" "to prevent this evil" He references Pope Pius VII's two briefs which "show how harmful to faith and morals this wretched undertaking is" In Ubi Primum, Leo XII wants his religious troops to do what they can to hinder the Bible translations and tells them that the secular rulers will powerfully support them in this evil endeavor Alexander McClure , said it like this in speaking of the Authorized Version of of the Bible-- "The printing of the English Bible has proved to be by far the mightiest barrier ever reared to repel the advance of Popery, and to damage all the resources of the Papacy.

Why are many modern Bible versions based on manuscripts that came out of Rome herself not all believe that those so-called "older and better" manuscripts are authentic. Do not forget the "Donation of Constantine" forgery. You well know with what folds it entwines us and with what fangs it gnaws us. The principal and simplest explanation of why the Roman Catholic Church changed tactics so dramatically in the 20th century is that it was forced to do so.

In the early part of the century, an authority on Rome's tactics testified: "That the Roman Church seems to tolerate the Bible at all anywhere, is due to the fact that she has to pay deference either to Protestantism or to an enlightened opinion [people who know some truth]; for where these do not exist it does not hesitate to condemn and destroy it, and to persecute and even murder those who disseminate it" Alexander Robertson, The Papal Conquest, , p.

The Roman Catholic Church has demonstrated what it will do when it has the ability. The past fifteen centuries provide irrefutable evidence of this. The Roman Catholic Church grants men liberties of speech and religion only when it is forced to do so , but the times have changed. Rome can no longer control the kingdoms of this world as it once did. Her time will come again, briefly, during the last hours of this sin-sick age. She and her daughters will join hands with the Antichrist for a few hours, before she is destroyed. The Bible [book] of Revelation describes this amazing scene Revelation There is more to the matter than this, though.

Thus, the modern critical Greek texts and the multiplicity of translations thereof play right into the hands of Rome. A curious statement can be heard in the land--that the Roman Catholic church gave us the Bible. Did the Roman Catholic "Church" give us the Bible? Telmont, a missionary of the Jesuits ," who came with one or more associates.

There were several burnings Mr. Telmont was "prominent" at all "movements" , one was public at which Mr. Telmont brought out armfuls of Bibles that had been collected from Catholics. Does this show that Rome has loved the Bible or does it indicate that she has abhorred and hated it? One might ask why is she now so interested in these unauthorized versions? They are contacting the devil through the "mystical traditions" and calling it the Lord. Similar techniques are used by Catholic and Greek Orthodox mystics, hindu yogis, buddhists, witches, Satanists, kabbalists , new agers.

In the "spiritual formation", the spiritual directors seem to be like gurus leading some yogis using Roman Catholic mystical traditions like lectio divina, writings by Catholic mystics, etc.


The idea of the mystical traditions--whether witchcraft or contemplative "prayer" is to empty the mind so that a spirit the devil can come in church people are told it is the Lord or God, etc. Once people get this familiar spirit "familiar spirit" is in the Authorized Version of the Bible and the same term is still used today , they they are thinking it is the Lord, but it is actually a devil.

For those that care about their souls, there is one thing one must never mix up--what spirit one is identifying. Don't ever call the devil the Lord. Nobody making unmediated contact will contact the Lord. No man cometh unto the Father but by the Lord Jesus Christ. The book of Revelation says that whosoever receiveth the mark of the beast, or his name, or his number in their right hand or in their forehead is going to the lake of fire--I perceive that in taking the mark, these people will have committed the blasphemy of the Holy Ghost.

This sin hath never forgiveness. All the cuttings, etc. Leviticus Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you : I am the Lord. Quotes-- "This is not to say that the Mass or any of the sacraments have been abandoned, but the underlying spiritual worldview of many in the Catholic church is now contemplative in its orientation. I read in an interview that the mystical prayer movement not only had the approval of the highest echelons of Catholicism but also was, in fact, the source [emphases theirs] of its expansion.

Speaking of a meeting between the late Pope Paul VI and members of the Catholic Trappist Monastic Order in the s, Thomas Keating, disclosed the following: The Pontiff declared that unless the Church rediscovered the contemplative tradition, renewal couldn't take place.

He specifically called upon the monastics, because they lived the contemplative life, to help the laity and those in other religious orders bring that dimension into their lives as well. The new catechism firmly states: "Contemplative prayer is hearing the word of God. Contemplative Prayer is silence. Eighty to ninety percent of the books on those shelves were on mystical prayer.

This is not an aberration--an unwitting wandering from the church but part of the program from the top down. Mainline Protestant traditions Their deep tradition of twentieth-century liberalism and sociopolitical activism has left them spiritually dry and thirsting for supernatural experiences. I've read a comment that some hindu gurus are horrified at how lightly these things are taken in America. This is being pasted together with a "social doctrine" false gospel as in let's all get together and do good deeds that we think are good.

Today, if we are looking, we are beginning to hear the term "the common good. See Contemplative prayer: A quick road to hell for a disobedient church--Part IV: Who or What is the Kundalini Serpent Power skip down to the section on eastern mysticism being pasted together with a social doctrine false gospel. Article includes papal encyclical excerpts going back to , Catholic catechism references, etc.

The Common Good includes excerpts from a website that shows techniques for getting people to buy into the "common good" scheme. Also includes a newspaper ad for an event to explore ways for "the common good" to touch "civic life in America"--this is called for by Jesuit Georgetown University " In partnership with the Vatican's Pontifical Council for Culture and the Archdiocese of Washington " What about the Jesuit spirituality specifically? Ignatius de Loyola, founder the Jesuit order, developed what are called the Spiritual Exercises.

Former nun, M. Cusak said this-- " Cusak former nun , , p. Alberto Rivera said this-- "No group of men ever went deeper into the occult than the Jesuits. They use Transcendental Meditation and all forms of Buddhaism [sic]. Another witness. After noting Loyola's Spiritual Exercises and techniques, Dr. Alberto Rivera, former Jesuit priest, notes: "All this knowledge of the occult equipped his Jesuit priests to gain control of other nations. An excerpt from, "Jesuit Tradition" at www. We believe that this is highly misleading.

It was a faithful excerpt. I forgot about the tricky, crafty people. The taken out-of-context Workes quote was found in one of those collections, the Modern History Sourcebook. The following remarkable quote is taken from Rulers of Evil by F. Tupper Saussy, one of his "favorite cousins" is a Jesuit, p. The quote comes from a single paragraph on page 73 emphases ours. Jesuit theater and the Spiritual Exercises [our note: the Spiritual Exercises are used today in the contemplative prayer movement], whose original purpose was to bring human understanding into papal subservience through esoteric emotional experiences, have evolved into the full panoply of contemporary social communication.

Will an ignorant person do what you say, no questions asked like in the Middle Ages? If "producing Jesuitic graduates" is the "aim of modern public education," is it possible that we are seeing a Jesuitized American citizenry today? Is it possible that some group could actually decide on our curriculum--what we are to study--and conveniently leave out the most important, strengthening things that we should study? Is it possible that such a group--if they had power and money enough--could push through legislation that makes their curriculum compulsory for all students?

Saussy speaks of the idea of bringing "human understanding into papal subservience. That is how it was in the oh-so-dark Dark Ages when the Pope was tyrannizing over kings and ignorant, superstitious subjects. When the pope's fulminations called for punishing "heretics. Are people being made ignorant and superstitious today? Look at the inroads of yoga, meditation, witchcraft, etc.

Upon a cursory inspection, the "new age" does not look new at all, it looks like the same old way of the heathen collected together in a gates of hell a la carte market with a few technology updates. Former Jesuit, Dr. Alberto Rivera, notes that the Jesuits have deeply studied the occult-- "No group of men ever went deeper into the occult than the Jesuits.

Their intense study of witchcraft and its branches took them closer and closer to Satan. Nowadays all the occult traditions are matching up together, devil worshipping techniques are being exchanged. It is an "interspirituality" movement. On October 31, , Martin Luther nailed his theses to the church doors in Wittenberg--this is often regarded as the beginning of the Protestant Reformation.

Men began to deny the authority of the pope and his pronouncements as the means of salvation. The authority became, and is, the Bible alone. There was a change from the word of the pope to the word of God. Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth John Thou has magnified thy word above all thy name Psalm Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away Matthew We are saved by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ alone --not by the heretical disbursements so-called "graces" and doctrines of the Roman Catholic institution.

The Roman Catholic "Church" is not Christian. Believing the Bible was not a new idea. It was not first introduced by the Reformers it just seemed new to some because the people had lived under popish oppression for so many centuries. Men were believing the Bible, the holy scriptures, the word of God, long before emperor Constantine and the popes fathers of the "Roman Catholic Church".

Christians kept on believing the Bible even after the popes rose to the height of their stature-- those men, women, and children were killed for believing the Bible--even whole towns were wiped out. The popes maintained their usurped position by force. What was her response? All these years later, we still see this hardened neck-- "There was nothing wrong with Church doctrine. In effect, he denied the authority of the pope The laity were growing fond of some of the revolutionary ideas of the two heretics regarding civil authority.

The following excerpt reveals no remorse for the man whom the author labels a "heretic" ibid, p. The excerpt seems to perfectly describe the historic the church and state tango dance-- "The Ecumenical Council of Constance in Germany condemned the errors of both Wycliff and Hus. Because some of Hus's errors were revolutionary and causing civil disturbances, and because he refused to recant , the civil authorities had him burned at the stake. Sounds like some Thomas Aquinas the so-called "angel doctor" of the Romish church action It would be about years later, on October 31, , that a Roman Catholic priest named Martin Luther would nail his 95 theses to the church doors in Wittenberg; what is now called, "the Protestant Reformation" was begun in earnest.

This began a major upheaval in the social order--uprooting it from popish tyranny and giving men freedom to think their own thoughts and be themselves. Brownson, convert to Catholicism, radical abolitionist and anti-Protestant wrote in of Protestant culture-- " Nothing is more characteristic of Protestantism than its influence in promoting civil and religious liberty.

Under its reign all forms of governments verge towards the democratic. A social science is created, and the physical well being of the humblest laborer is cared for, and made a subject of deliberation in the councils of nations. Since the time of Luther, it has been performing one continued series of miracles.

Superstition and Magic

Every corner of the globe is explored; the most distant and perilous seas are navigated; manufactures, villages and cities spring up as by enchantment; canal and railroads are crossing the country in every direction; the means of production, the comforts, conveniences, and luxuries of life are multiplied to such an extent hardly safe to relate. Such, in its most general aspect, in its dominant tendency, is Protestantism.

The Works of Orestes A. Brownson, Henry F. Brown, Detroit: Henry F. Brown, Vol. IV, p. Phelps' Con con Another quote: Walter Walsh, English Anglican historian, " It is Protestantism which, by God's help, has been the cause of England's prosperity, and that of all other Protestant countries. While Roman Catholic countries, which acknowledge Papal Supremacy, are everywhere going down in the scale of nations, Protestant countries are everywhere growing in prosperity, and extending their borders on every hand.

The Protestant nations are at the head of the world, in everything which make[s] nations truly great and glorious. We have therefore no reason to be ashamed of the word Protestantism Protestantism and National Prosperity go together, like Siamese Twins. The Counter Reformation was begun--Ignatius de Loyola the founder and first General of the Jesuit order and his troop, the sons of Loyola known as the so-called Society of Jesus, the Company, the Jesuits, etc.

Is it possible that after all this time, the Jesuits are still trying to bring all men back under the feet of Rome and the Medieval Times, the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages? Tupper Saussy, p. Tupper Saussy contends that the Jesuits have gained the ascendancy over American life-- Despite its ascendancy over American life, few Americans understand the term "Jesuit. The old productivity, ruggedness, prosperity, and safety or do we see an emaciated, bastardized, paganized, diseased, compulsive-obsessive disordered, non-thinking citizenry and abundant crime handled by one of the largest penal systems in the world?

Do we still see the Bibles in our schools and useful childhood or do we see paganism and decay all about us? Former Roman Catholic Jesuit priest, Dr. Alberto Rivera died in , told us about the Jesuits deeply studying the occult and using such power to gain control over nations and to introduce such things into the church through the charismatic movement. Among the wonderful technological discoveries which men of talent, especially in the present era, have made with God's help, the Church welcomes and promotes with special interest those which have a most direct relation to men's minds and which have uncovered new avenues of communicating most readily news, views and teachings of every sort.

For many raised with a traditional approach to scripture, this is a breath of fresh air. Here, finally, we find scripture without an agenda, and a method that leads only where reason and data take the faithful researcher. Here, we find the truth. If only it were so. But the fact of the matter is otherwise. From the time of its inception years ago, the field of biblical studies has never been value-free. Never has this been truer than in our own times, when many claims made in the name of the critical study of the Bible have been turned into weapons in a political struggle between liberals and conservatives.

Benedict Spinoza, rightly credited as the father of the modern critical study of the Hebrew Bible, was the first to question systematically the unity of the books of Hebrew scripture. This he did at length in his Theological-Political Treatise. A similar conclusion was reached by Father Richard Simon of France, the most learned biblicist of the 17th century:.

What we have at present is but an abridgement of the ancient records, which were much larger, and those who made the abridgements had particular reasons which we cannot understand. It is better therefore to be silent in this subject. Although both Spinoza and Simon were convinced that the Pentateuch was a composite work, both also felt that one could no more successfully unravel the prehistory of the received text than one could unscramble an egg.

But now fast-forward two centuries to the late 19th century and the scholar Charles Augustus Briggs, co-author of a dictionary of biblical Hebrew that is considered authoritative to this day. The valleys of biblical truth have been filled up with the debris of human dogmas, ecclesiastical institutions, liturgical formulas, priestly ceremonies, and casuistic practices. Historical criticism is searching for the rock-bed of divine truth and the massive foundations of the Divine Word, in order to recover the real Bible.

Historical criticism is sifting all this rubbish. It will gather our every precious stone. Nothing will escape its keen eye. As surely as the temple of Herod and the city of the [H]asmoneans arose from the ruins of former temples and cities, just so surely will the old Bible rise in the reconstructions of biblical criticism into a splendor and a glory greater than ever before.

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What made Briggs so certain that scholars could recover the prehistory of the received text when figures like Spinoza and Simon gave no credence to such pursuits? What changes between the 17th and 19th centuries is not the evidence but the culture , particularly through the rise and increasing status of science as a cultural force. The initiating figure here was none other than Isaac Newton.

The work had an overwhelming impact. Where previously nature had been widely regarded as impenetrable, Newton proposed that it was instead subject to laws that could be expressed simply and precisely through mathematical formulas. A key tenet of Enlightenment thought was that science consists of analysis: i. In natural science, landmark advances would be achieved by the application of this notion; extraordinarily sophisticated organisms were discovered to be systematically made up of cells, ultimately leading in the s to cell theory, and the atomic structure of the natural elements was laid open, allowing John Dalton to publish the first table of the elements in The newly founded science of human nature could do no less; analysis, it was firmly believed, would reduce the daunting complexity of historical data to comprehensive, systematic narratives, no matter how conjectural.

Thus, theorists sought to define the developmental stages traversed by man in his progress from savagery to civilization. Changes in climate or in modes of sustenance were carefully laid out along a timeline to explain the evolution of moral character. It is in this milieu that we encounter the first attempt to delineate the putative sources of the Pentateuch. Like Spinoza and Simon before him, Astruc had only the biblical text from which to work.

Scholarship of the Bible could be no exception. According to the German historicists, by basing its findings on original, authentic sources. Traditions had passed down tales about the past, but only by returning to primary written sources, contemporaneous with the events under study, could the historian attain a clear, objective view. Scholars were especially eager to get to the original sources of the writings of Homer and of the Bible—the great touchstones of European culture. Imbued with the confidence of the scientific revolution, classicists and biblicists alike believed that access was available through the careful literary mining of the received texts.

Identifying irregularities of all sorts within those texts was the key to recovering their precursors. German historicism, however, ran into a crisis at mid-century, and the course it then took would have enormous consequences for the source-critical study of the Bible. Practitioners of the human sciences had no hope of keeping up with the refined results achieved by statistical analysis.

If anything, the progress of natural science was demonstrating just how un scientific—if not unscholarly—were the so-called sciences of the spirit. The humanist solution was to cut loose and declare autonomy. While continuing to claim the mantle of science, proponents of the humanities specified that they operated under a different methodology. Where the natural sciences had developed canons of experimental control, including the rule that theories must be testable and falsifiable, historians placed a high premium on the intuition and imagination of the investigating scholar.

Which brings us back to investigating scholars of the Bible and, in particular, source critics. Today this large sub-field continues to rely on frankly intuitionist justifications for its methods—a reliance that has led it into confusion and professional crisis. The nature of the professional malaise is easily stated.

The debilitating consequence is that very little is a matter of professional consensus. Source critics, for their part, have admitted as much. At two major conferences devoted to the source-critical approach to the Torah, one in Zurich in and a second in Jerusalem in , the most respected champions of the field publicly acknowledged the lack of consensus on a range of core issues.

A few representative testimonies:. Each [scholar] operates with [his] own set of working assumptions, each uses different methods, and each produces [his] own results. In every other academic discipline, such a situation would be felt to be untenable. Scholars tend to operate from such different premises, employing such divergent methods, and reaching such inconsistent results, that meaningful progress has become impossible.

The models continue to proliferate, but the communication seems only to diminish. What do we mean when we say source? A text? A tradition? A database? A school of thought? A theology? A group of scribes? A literary style? Maybe we just mean a vocabulary and nothing more?

I think each of us uses the word source to mean precisely what he or she wants it to mean; shades of Humpty Dumpty. How did source criticism arrive at this state? And why has the crisis engendered no change whatsoever in how its practitioners go about their work? In both cases, the answer has little to do with the individual personalities of the scholars involved. To be sure, biblicists are not alone here. Similarly disorienting symptoms have afflicted other areas of scholarly inquiry, especially in fields with semi- or quasi-scientific pretensions.

A recent example is the stunned reaction among economists in the wake of the financial implosion, a disaster that so many of them failed to see coming and got so wrong. Of course, to admit that the economic world is messy is essentially to admit defeat in the long-fought battle to win for economics the status of a science with the power not only to study the past but, crucially, to predict economic performance in the future. And that offers another point of analogy with the predicament of biblical source-critics in their elusive search for the sources of the Pentateuch. In positing the date of a text and the stages of its composition, source critics strive to create an elegant narrative of its history and therefore of the evolution of religious ideas in ancient Israel.

For many, this elegance has become a badge of their intellectual identity. But biblicists, too, are prone to mistaking beauty for truth. The real, harder truth is that the enterprise of dating biblical texts and their stages of growth is messy, much messier than they would like to admit. Indeed, with the scriptural mandate clearly enunciated in the Talmud, Jewish religious authorities - ethicists in the first instance - have during the past eighteen-hundred years examined every aspect of the duty: its extent, its applicability, and its enforceability, leaving us with a veritable heritage of thought and concern regarding this ethico-legal imperative.

Thus, the Maimonidean formulation of the Jewish law of the Good Samaritan does not restrict the duty to rescue to outsiders witnessing or finding a person in distress. It extends the duty to anyone informed or aware of the danger to another's life. The essential criterion is "if one person is able to save another. Nor does Jewish law distinguish between a natural danger and a man-made one.

An innocent bystander is required to go to great personal effort, even to suffer hardships and to incur serious financial loss, in order to save the life of his fellow. On the other hand, he is not duty-bound to give his own life or limb to save his fellow. Moreover, the duty required by the scriptural commandment, lo ta ' amod ' al dam re ' eka , is a general obligation. It is not based upon any special relationship based on law contract between the bystander and the person in distress, such as parent and child, husband and wife, guardian and ward, guide and tourist, policeman, fireman, or lifeguard and public, shipmaster and crew or passenger, master and servant, host and guest, etc.

Rudzinski, Again, although the innocent bystander who willfully fails to come to the rescue of those in peril is, according to Jewish law, liable neither to civil suit nor criminal prosecution, the duty of the Good Samaritan in Judaism may not be relegated to the realm of mere religious morality and personal conscience. Although the duty to rescue is independent of the financial condition of the person in peril, the rescuer has the right to sue the person rescued for all financial losses the former incurred as a result of the rescue operation.

The bystander actively engaged in the rescue operation is exempt from all other positive legal, civil, religious and ritual duties. The rescuer is immune from liability for any tort committed in the cause of his effort to save the victim in peril. Not only may the rescued party not sue him a possibility in the present Anglo-American law! As a result of the breakdown of the forceful role played by traditional religion in modern life, the religious undertones accompanying legal imperatives have lost their power to encourage citizens to perform their duties without direct legal sanctions.

Has this radical transformation which society has undergone affected the willingness and readiness of people to come to the rescue of those in distress? Should religious authorities work for the introduction of positive criminal and civil provisions 25 making for a statutory duty to come to the rescue of one in peril? But legislation is always faced with these kinds of difficulties. On the other hand, does the lack of such legislation really signify that citizens are in fact callous to the plight of those in peril?

In other words, legislation, in order to be enforceable, would in all likelihood be aimed at acts of indifference that are blatant and reasonably easy to prove. But such instances of Bad Samaritanism are rather rare; where they do occur, the adverse publicity and public scorn would probably be potent educative as well as penal forces.

Is legislation, then, necessary? Would not the adoption of the provisions of Jewish law - guaranteeing the Good Samaritan compensation for his losses, exemption from all other duties that devolve upon him at the time, and immunity from tort liability - be sufficient in putting society, as expressing itself in its legal system, on record as creating a legal duty to rescue and as holding said duty in the highest regard?

A second question which modern religious authorities must face is the lacuna in traditional law and society regarding the dependents of an innocent bystander who dies or is disabled as a result of his rescue attempt. Traditional Jewish society had established ways of caring for widows and orphans. Some welfare states have their ways. Would it not be proper for religious leaders to press for special provisions whereby the community would regard these dependents as entitled to specific benefits? We don't know whether there are differences between cultures, between emergent societies and established societies, between cultures in which the father dominates, those in which the mother dominates, or, as in our case, the children dominate; between urban groups and rural groups, between religious, God-intoxicated Bible Belts and agnostic, cocktail-intoxicated groves of academe, even between the criminal and the conformist Freedman, Were the law to be a mere reflection of the behavior dominant in a given society, psychiatric and sociological observations such as the one just quoted would constitute the last word in the matter.

Law, however, does help shape social attitudes and personal behavior. Thus, Judaism, through its code of behavior, has been striving continuously throughout its history to shape human conduct and to raise human conduct to the highest ethical level possible. Ironically, though, just at a time when Western society - as opposed to traditional Judaism - is experiencing a strong movement to limit the role of law in intervening to enforce "morality" e.

Sheleff, It is our hope that the study of the Jewish law of the innocent bystander - how the law places duties upon him, encourages him to fulfill them and protects him as he discharges them - may serve as a positive contribution to modern legal thinking. Notes 1. Because they viewed the suffix it as superfluous, the Tannaim interpreted it as meaning him , and therefore understood the verse as commanding, and thou shalt restore him [a person who is losing his life] to himself.

Numerous mss. Rather go to any extent necessary in order to save the life of the fellow" italics provided for the translation of hazor 'al kol ha-zedadim Rashi , Sanhedrin 73a. Meir b. Barukh, d. The principle is then extended to all who must be rescued under the scriptural law of thou shalt not stand idly by , including a patient who refuses treatment; the physician is obligated to treat him and may subsequently receive his fee determined by the courts or by the current rates despite the protestations of the patient; R.

Engel, d. Kefoel batel , "as an unemployed laborer," the definition of which is the subject of extended discussion; for a digest of the opinions involved in this definition, see Talmudic Encyclopedia Hebrew , XI, " Hashavah Avedah ," pp. Full compensation for losses sustained by the rescuer in the absence of court permission or in the absence of explicit warranty by the rescued party when circumstances of speed and anxiety preclude the possibility of making such warranty is also evident from Rosh Bava Mezia The obligatio of the rescued party to reimburse his rescuer for his labor and expenditures, as that of an owner of a lost object to reimburse the one who found and returned it to him, is, in all probability, that of an implied contract of labor.

See further B. Bava Mezia a and Maimonides Torts ["Robbery and Lost Objects" ] for the rabbinic analogue to negotiorum gestio. Such contracts in Jewish law do not cover disabilities of the laborer incurred in the course of his employment. This ruling is derived a fortiori from the case of an unsuccessful attempt to salvage someone's property see B. Bava Kamma a [bot. In other words, the whole purpose of the obligation, thou shalt not stand idly by , is the preservation of life. If its fulfillment can be accomplished only at the sacrifice of life of the would-be rescuer , then its purpose has been undermined and frustrated.

Under such circumstances the obligation falls away. What is the status of the citizen who, above and beyond the call of duty as defined by rabbinic law, elects to give his life to save another's? The question arose in Jewish history with regard to martyrdom for any reason other than those prescribed by religious law, namely the avoidance of idolatry, or incest and adultery, or of murder. Maimonides Knowledge , "Fundamentals of the Law," considered such self-sacrifice as sinful; the Tosafot Avodah Zarah 27b, s.

The Tosafists reacted negatively to the problem as it is viewed in the halacha. They recoiled - 'Heaven forbid! Jacobs, Regarding the hero of the New Testament story Luke , it has been aptly pointed out "that the original Good Samaritan extolled by St. Luke was fortunate in not arriving on the scene until after the thieves had set upon the traveler, robbed him and beaten him half to death. The Samaritan cared for him and showed him great kindness, but he did not put himself in any peril by doing so.

Perhaps this is about as much as can be reasonably asked of the ordinary mortal man" Barth, Allusion is being made to the following Talmudic passages: "[R. Joshua] used to say: A foolish saint What is a foolish saint like? Sotah 21b on M. Sotah Middat hasidut is a Talmudic expression e. Hullin b. It is usually translated "a saintly act," "saintly conduct" - the connotation being that the extra-ordinarily pious act is evidence that the one who performed it is of saintly character.

A few years ago, a team of psychiatrists undertook to study donors in renal homotransplantations to find out how they had become involved, how they had made their decisions, what surgery had meant to them, and how they had fared emotionally and psychiatrically about a year on the average thereafter. Among their findings was, I believe, a new dimension in middat hasidut. During the immediate postoperative period, usually a month or two, the donors received a good deal of attention from families, friends, even strangers who had heard of their sacrifice. Soon thereafter, after they ceased to be celebrities, they noted certain changes in their attitudes or ideas of themselves which they considered more lasting.

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A typical example is the statement of a forty-year-old male donor, four weeks post-operatively: "I feel better, kind of noble. I am changed, I have passed a milestone in my life, more confidence, self-esteem In every way I am better. For realizing how far I could go for others, I am up a notch in life I value things more, big and small things I come in contact with others a bit more. My pleasures are bigger and have more meaning. I have improved in many ways, even am more respectful of myself as a person.

I feel, if I can do this, I can do anything" Fellner and Marshall, Viewed in this dimension, middat hasidut should be translated in the words of Sorokin as "creative altruism" - "creative" in the sense that the self is realized with the help of others, for the biological need to help is fulfilled by the very act of altruism Titmuss, ; see also, Sorokin, Making provisions for expressions which characterize the modes of thinking of our secular society, we perceive middat hasidut as conduct which sometimes engenders and nurtures saintliness, rather than conduct which reflects and evidences it.

This perception of middat hasidut would be in line with the doctrine popular among the medieval moralists according to which inner disposition is very often created or conditioned by one's external actions, and not vice versa. And it goes without saying that one is obligated to undergo all sorts of suffering if thereby his fellow's life is spared or saved" R.

Abraham Gombiner, d. All suffering short of actual torture is probably meant R. Valdenberg, 20th cent. He whose perverted sense of values leads him to forget this basic rule can never be more than "a foolish saint"; see above. Maimonides' formulation is a rewording of a dictum of Rabbah, or his disciple Rava textual readings vary; cf. Tosafot , Ketubot 30b, s. For if, as we have seen, one may not save himself by destroying or by appropriating another's property, it follows a fortiori that one may not save others by such measures.

The solution, of course, is eminently sensible; and really much ado should not be made of it. See the similar provisions of the Czechoslovak Civil Code of and of the Civil Code of the Republic of China, in its General Principles of both cited by Rudzinski, I should like, however, to contrast this premedieval dictum with the Anglo-American law of today.

Our law says [he declares] that you do not have to volunteer to relieve others from danger not due to your own fault; but if you do volunteer - if you engage in some activity that is followed by harm to such another - then a court may let a jury scrutinize what you did and call it actionable negligence - no matter how hard you tried [italics provided].

Many people aware of this think it much wiser to do nothing at all. If you are not under a duty to "fease," the nonfeasance can never be held actionable. But if you do engage in feasance toward anybody, then under most circumstances you must "fease" carefully. Moral: Don't ever "fease" unless you have to! Israeli law is not much better. Yadin, Professor Gregory is not very proud of his legal system. In a footnote he writes, "Of course, I do not want to be understood as advising people never to help others who are in danger or distress. See also Prosser who correctly attributes this serious lacuna to the general Anglo-American reluctance to countenance nonfeasance as the basis of any liability.

I might add that, technically speaking, the Good Samaritan, duty-bound to come to the rescue of his fellow, is exempt from liability for the objects he broke whether they belonged to the pursued or to any other person. Although the primary source B. Ketubot 86a ordains said coercion for the fulfillment of positive commandments, it is evident from Tosafot s.

Some authorities maintain that there is no distinction between positive and negative duties; all duties may be enforced by coercion R. Pinhas Horowitz, d. Akiva Eger, d. Other authorities, however, maintain that coercion to perform positive commandments is the exclusive prerogative of the courts and may be carried out in the extreme, whereas the physical prevention of the violation of the negative commandments is the duty of any private citizen but may not be carried out in the extreme R. Aryeh Leib Heller, d. Traditionally numbering B.

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