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With the clock ticking as New York collapses into a deep panic, he must catch the Sword Masters before it is too late! James Patterson. George R.

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  • John R. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Nov 20, Angie rated it really liked it Shelves: requested-reviews. Synopsis: "Terrorism in America has a new game…decapitations! Alexander Suten-Mdjai is a trainer in the deadly art of swordsmanship and Robert cannot help but believe there is a connection between him and the Sword Synopsis: "Terrorism in America has a new game…decapitations!

    I have to say, for some reason I kept putting off reading this book but once I got into it I was completely sucked in. It did take a while to get all the characters straight as you were kind of thrown in the middle of things even though it was actually the beginning. The book definitely drew you in and made you keep reading to find out what was next, for me the main storyline really took a back seat to the stories of the swords. I absolutely devoured those stories and actually went back to read a couple of them again.

    This book was really, really good. It was action packed from beginning to end. I could hardly wait to finish and see what would happen. Jul 28, Christian Laforet rated it it was amazing. When a group of men calling themselves the Sword Masters begin lopping off heads in New York city, homeland security director Robert Grimmson, is put on the case. With no leads on who these men are, or what they want, he finds himself investigating a new arrival to the country, Alexander Suten-Mdjai.

    Nothing big…except that the man just imported thousands of swords into the country and calls himself a sword master. Lest the Dew Rust Them is a pret When a group of men calling themselves the Sword Masters begin lopping off heads in New York city, homeland security director Robert Grimmson, is put on the case. Lest the Dew Rust Them is a pretty fascinating read.

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    On one hand, we have these men, The Sword Masters, spreading fear and terror though the city as Grimmson despeartaly tries to find them. I found this aspect of Lest the Dew Rust Them to be a fun and exciting read. There is a real cinematic flare to the writing. I could picture the events I was reading being perfectly at home on the big screen. And if that were all the novel delivers, I would be happy, but we get a whole lot more.

    These tales are told to Grimmson by Suten-Mdjai throughout the book. Each one has a very distinct setting and tone. I quite enjoyed this one. I guess we can add thriller to list of genres he can work it! Enter the crime scene. It's a beheading and there are tripod marks on the floor in the blood. The author smoothly, quickly and concisely paints each character and scene in the book so that you do more than read about them, you understand them.

    Rather than spend pages on character development this author effectively achieves the same effect within just a few paragraphs.

    I LOVE how he switches between character perspectives at exactly the right time so you get the round-robin effected sce Enter the crime scene. I LOVE how he switches between character perspectives at exactly the right time so you get the round-robin effected scene.

    You see it from each vantage of each character and it works!

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    It keeps you going further into the chapter and eventually you'll be in chapter 4 wondering how you got there so fast. This entire book was nothing but entertaining. That's why I had to leave a review, so that I can thank the author. I have never read a crime-type book that I liked and this book was so good that it's going on my favorites shelf. I'm reading it again for bedtime reading because I felt I read it too fast the first time. I just wanted to share how fun this was and I'm thoroughly impressed at the story-telling of this new author.

    It is a story about swords, misunderstandings, honor, heritage, terorism and fear. I liked the story ecept even the end of story was an unexpected one. View 1 comment. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. My Thoughts: The title was an interesting one and very unique, whereas the cover photo didn't inspire me to want to reach for it. However much emphasis I do put on the cover illustrations, I will read a book even if I am not a fan of the illustrations.

    I am glad I did. Lest the Dew Rust Them is an interesting mix of crime drama, mystery, historical fiction, and probably just to me political satire. Many of the characters tended to get on my nerves for their blatant racial profiling that they were capable of doing; whereas some of the characters were just idiotic in their lives. My favorite character in the whole book was without a doubt, Alexander Suten - Mdjai for many reasons. He is a honorable person. Even as he is being suspected for some very heinous crimes all because of a title, he is helpful and polite throughout it all.

    Another reason I respected him so much is because of his knowledge and talent. He is a hell of a storyteller and I enjoyed hearing about the history of each blade he owned. Personally, these were my favorite parts in the story;the accounts of the blades and his ancestors' use of them. Because of this section, the supernatural fan in me was hoping for some type of reincarnation like plot thread, but alas there was none.

    But again, that is just me. There are other characters in the story that play some major parts in the story, like the Homeland Security director, as well as the antagonists too, but they really didn't capture my attention like Alexander Suten-Mdjai did. I will mention that I had high hopes for the antagonists being pretty worthy opponents but towards the middle and end I was just disappointed in their ways. It seemed like they really didn't have any idea what they were doing, although, that could have been the deliberate doing of the author.

    I did wish that we weren't informed of the criminals so early in the book. It would have been more mysterious if we may have had to guess at their identities first. The plot was a creative one as well as the choice of weapons interesting. Also the manner in which many of the victims were destroyed was also entertaining for a crime drama. There was a strong message going throughout the story that shows us how civilization will slowly break down when people get scared. Accusations, racial slurs, and bigotry become more commonplace as people lose their securities and feel like they are being boxed in by something they can't control and can't understand.

    I felt like Mr. Drakich really understood this and made it an important part in his book for people to grasp. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

    Lest the Dew Rust Them by Michael Drakich

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    Lest The Dew Rust Them Lest The Dew Rust Them
    Lest The Dew Rust Them Lest The Dew Rust Them
    Lest The Dew Rust Them Lest The Dew Rust Them
    Lest The Dew Rust Them Lest The Dew Rust Them
    Lest The Dew Rust Them Lest The Dew Rust Them
    Lest The Dew Rust Them Lest The Dew Rust Them
    Lest The Dew Rust Them Lest The Dew Rust Them

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