Prayers to Sophia: A Companion to The Star in My Heart: A Companion to the Star in My Heart

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He is also cofounder of Be the Peace, a global meditation event that occurs annually on International Day of Peace, September He cuts to the quick in just a few sentences in his Spirituality and Heath columns.

Desperately seeking Sophia

He's been called a "holy rascal," so of course his latest book is titled Holy Rascals. Listen in as Rabbi Rami joins Janet Connor for some fascinating conversation on what it means to be a "holy rascal" and if you might be in the same catagory. Mark Nepo is a poet, philosopher, writer, teacher and, many would say, spiritual rock star. He's written dozens of books, including the New York Times No. In Things That Join the Sea and the Sky, Mark shares excerpts from his own journals, revealing his beating heart-and ours. The universe is alive. Everything is conscious. Everything is in communication-even, or especially, numbers.

Because they were here first, right? Everything is constructed of numeric vibrations. So the date of your birth, the numerology in your name, your address, the recurring time on the clock Alana Fairchild, a living oracle and embodiment of the divine feminine, joins us from her home in Australia to bring the messages of the numbers alive. Michael Lennox as a brilliant astrologer. When you read his daily Astro-Alerts, you begin to enter Michael's awareness that the planets, moons, and stars are living beings in conversation with one another and with us.

The universe is alive! And when you choose to enter into that conversation, everything changes. Tara Cousineau —The Kindness Cure. Tara Cousineau, Ph. After her own daughter was assaulted in school, Tara had an epiphany: Only kindness can cure our culture rampant with cruelty. Tara joins us to share the in-depth research on the efficacy of compassion in her first book, The Kindness Cure, a book highly recommended by Rick Hanson, Sharon Salzberg, and many more. The key to living a soul-directed life is the ability to listen to the wisdom of your innate, divinely-guided intuition-the voice of your soul.

But, oh! Those internal negative voices! They can be so loud and distracting. In her newest book, The Intuitive Dance, medical intuitive and holistic energy practitioner Atherton Drenth guides us to build, protect, and clear our sacred energy. Penney Peirce is a world-renowned expert on intuition and perception. What's next? Peirce guides us masterfully into how to become transparent and, in the process, transform our opaque world. Professor Laszlo joins us from his home in Italy to discuss The Intelligence of the Cosmos which answers the ultimate question, "Why are we here?

Girish—Music and Mantras. Girish is an eclectic musician with roots in jazz, world, and sacred music, and the author of a thrilling new book, Music and Mantras. After living for five years in a Hindu monastery, Girish began to share the beauty of mantras. Today he is a world-renowned Kirtan musician. If you want to know what happens in your body, mind, and soul when you chant your prayers, this conversation is for you. Estelle Frankel is a scholar and teacher of Jewish mysticism, a practicing psychotherapist, and the author of an important book, The Wisdom of Not Knowing.

Instead of being afraid of the unknown, Estelle calls us to embrace uncertainty, even relish that space of darkness. Paul K. Chappell is an international peace educator, West Point graduate, Iraq War veteran, and author of the Road to Peace book series. After seeing violence up close in his childhood home and on the battlefield, Paul has dedicated his life to a new understanding of war and peace, rage and trauma, to show us a path to peace.

Banafsheh Sayyad and Andrew Harvey fell in love over Rumi's ecstatic poetry. She is Iranian-born master dance artist who fuses Sufi mysticism with the Divine Feminine in dance. He is a living mystic and voice of Sacred Activism. Together they explore the question, "How can we live life as a sacred dance? Ninth Container of Love: The Divine Feminine You are not only a genius, you are a feminine genius, a divine feminine genius. An intuitive, sensual, creative, confident, intelligent genius. The juicy, radiant LiYana Silver, author of Feminine Genius, is with us to help us tune in to our feminine genius so our overutilized, linear, competitive masculine genius can take a rest.

Stephanie Woodfield—Meet the Dark Goddess. Devotional polytheist and Priestess of the Morrigan, Stephanie Woodfield, brings us her love of Irish mythology and deep relationship with the Celtic Dark Goddess so we can turn to her for strength and courage. She is Twameva, the ancient Sanskrit hymn to the Mother.

Divine life coach and deep student of the teachings of Yogananda, Usha Sharma, has been chanting Twameva her entire life. Come, listen, as Usha teaches us this sacred prayer beginning with a new understanding of the sounds of AUM. Who better to kick off our month in the arms of the Divine Feminine! Eighth Container of Love: The Invisible Every year our host reads a few books that move her so strongly that she becomes an evangelist for them. In , William Keepin's Belonging to God was one of those. Keepin's premise is that divine love is fractal.

That means it is indivisible, holographic, and foundational. Just as fractals follow the quantum laws to create our universe, divine love is present in all spiritual traditions, creating a wildly diverse Oneness. It's not an accident that one week after William Keepin was on the show this past year, our host received The Nine Containers of Love. Join Janet and William for a deep dive into the fractal nature of divinity and the universe. Lauralyn Bunn—The Akashic Records. She doesn't think she could have written any of her books or explored the fields of the soul so deeply without the guidance from the masters and teachers of the Akashic Record.

See Find Your Soul's Purpose, loop five, for their mind-bending explanation of how to change the past by not wanting to change it! Lauralyn is a world-class consultant and trainer of the Akashic Records, and it is our host's great honor to invite you to sit with her as they probe the wisdom of the Records for guidance that can feed us right now. Sally Kempton— Opening to Embody the Goddesses. Eighth Container of Love: The Invisible After a few millennia of patriarchy, the goddess, at last, is being heard and seen and felt in the land. Where do we find her?

In our hearts, our bodies, our minds, our very cells. And who better to help us hear Her wisdom and feel her presence than Sally Kempton, author of Awakening Shakti. Enter the circle, as Sally intones the living presence of Mother Matangi, Durga. Kali, and more. Be with us as the goddess moves out of the Invisible and into our lives. Margo Mastromarchi—The Angelic Realm. Eighth Container of Love: The Invisible When a breakthrough idea drops into our host's awareness or she receives an invitation to write a book or something happens in her personal life that she doesn't understand, she calls her dear friend Margo Mastromarchi to probe the angelic realm for guidance.

Without fail, our host is led into a new level of understanding beyond anything she could have asked for or even imagined was possible. On today's show, join Margo and Janet for a rare hour with the angels. David Nicol—Subtle Activism. On today's show, Janet talks with David to explore some deep questions: What is consciousness? Where does one mind end and another begin? Can a group generate collective transformation? And if so, how? Join the show and begin some subtle activism of your own.

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Is information physical? Can quantum physics and the theory of relativity be reconciled? What is the consciousness revolution? On today's show, Janet explores big questions like these with cosmologist, planetary healer, and futurist Jude Currivan. Jude has an advanced degree in physics from Oxford and one in archeology from the University of Reading in the U. One of the things that makes Emma's insights so special is the breadth of her wisdom, including astrology. Emma recommended Moon Astrology by evolutionary astrologer, Amy Herring. I not only read it, I invited Amy to be on the show.

Can't wait to learn more about what the moon in our natal and progressed charts is telling us about what we are becoming. Jacqueline Freeman—Listening to the Songs of the Bees. I'm not a beekeeper But then, I opened it and I haven't put it down since. I may never. Because the bees have given us, through Jacqueline, a profound mystical treatise. This is a book to read in Lectio Divina, consuming and digesting just a few sentences at a time. Join us for bee insights into sound, scent, light, and more. Your eyes and your heart will open forever.

Sheila Hixon compiled and edited 33 of them in an heart-opening time capsule, Conversations in the Spirit. Sheila is blessing us with clips from those shows, selected just for The Soul-Directed Life! Jim has written many books, including Merton's Palace of Nowhere and Christian Meditation and recorded several programs with Sounds True. Jim is blessing us with a miniretreat experience, helping us discern our own moments of mystical awakening and how we can ground ourselves in the mystical awareness of God's oneness with all things.

You've heard Carl on the show many times. We won't get to !

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She now lives in a hermitage in Crestone, Colorado. She and Father Dave Denny cofounded The Desert Foundation, a circle of friends who share a passion for the desert, the Abrahamic faiths, and the spiritualities of the American Southwest. Tessa joins us from her cell on a cell phone, of course to bring us into communion with the brilliant, beautiful, sensuous mystic, St. Teresa, the Wild Woman of Avila. I was so moved, I asked Gabriel to be one of eight meditation leaders for The 1 of Hearts prayers on Inauguration Day.

He played the drum and spoke his poem, "Bright Honor. So it is with great joy that I invite Gabriel to come sit in circle with us once more with his new book, Spirit Drumming. There will be drumming and poetry and song! For many, it's our pets. Join Patrick and me as Mooch and Earl teach us a thing or two! Be sure to visit the show's Facebook page to watch them in action.

Makua's teachings are a revelation.

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So profound. So deep. So true. When Hank Wesselman speaks, Hale Makua is present. Come prepared for Light! He taught me to pray with the heartbeat of Mother Earth. He showed me that beauty and justice are equal prayers. He led me to find the natural rhythm of my day. Together we will invite Thomas Merton into our midst. Who better to help us wrap up our monthlong exploration on Soul Community! Join us for a richly textured conversation on creating, casting, and centering a circle, the radical post-patriarchal way to change the world.

Their new book Grassroots Zen is the story of how one Zen group returned to the ancient Chinese tradition of community meditation practice without a leader or hierarchy. Fourth Container of Love: Soul Community You've heard that when human consciousness becomes coherent, our systems will change? Can subtle changes in human coherence be detected as they are happening? Roger Nelson, founder of The Global Consciousness Project, an international, multidisciplinary collaboration of scientists and engineers sifting through massive data collected from 70 locations around the world, will report on the changes happening right now-and if groups gathering to meditate or pray move the needle.

Justine Toms: Deep Listening in Community. There's a reason she's in the Broadcasters Hall of Fame! She joins us to talk about soul circles-an essential means to access grace in chaotic times. She is a founding convener of the Millionth Circle Initiative, a founding member of a co-ed circle meeting since , and a member of a circle of women gathering for more than 30 years.

What makes a gathering, a circle?

Prayer For a Pure Heart - Prayer For Purity

The very thing missing in our world-deep listening. Christine is a Benedictine Oblate, Celtic goddess, expressive arts guide, international pilgrimage leader, and founder of the brilliant virtual monastery, The Abbey of the Arts. In her ninth book, The Wisdom of the Body, Christine takes us on a contemplative journey into the female body where we find the wisdom of Eve, Mary, Hildegaard of Bingen, and more.

Join us to connect with the beauty and wisdom of your body through poetry, movement, art, and writing. Amy Leigh Mercree—Joyful Living. Gosh, we all want joy. But how. How do we create a life of joy-a sustainable life of joy? Medical Intuitive and wellness coach Amy Leigh Mercree writes that we are "wired for joy. The heart.

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  7. Prayers to Sophia: a Companion to The Star in My Heart_ - Joyce Rupp | Sophia (Wisdom) | Wisdom.

The first and greatest sacred space of all! Third Container of Love: Sacred Space Emma Kupu Mitchell is a deep explorer of the full sensory experience of our human-divine condition. That means experiencing the living presence of the Divine in all five senses: our ears with crystal bowls, our eyes with color and light, and our bodies with yoga. Emma creates unique essential oils. They are infused not only with the energy of the flowers, but also with the healing powers of ancient temple spaces in Hawaii and the vibrations of sound. For that, I turned to a tradition that sees and honors the sacred in all things: the ancient tradition of faery witchcraft.

Storm Faerywolf has been practicing the magical arts for more than 30 years. He joins us to share the wisdom in his new book, Betwixt and Between, about how to create personal sacred spaces that lift our hearts and open our beings to the sacred mysteries. Third Container of Love: Sacred Space When we hear "sacred space," we tend to visualize external spaces such as altars and temples.

But before we can sanctify the space around us, we must sanctify and connect with the power within. Sergio was initiated in the Toltecayotl, the Nahua lineage of ancient Mesoamerica. We won't just talk about these Mexican healing traditions-we will experience a few! Michael Lennox—Astrology Forecast. I offer an astrology forecast every Epiphany. This year I invited Michael Lennox to give us a peek into the wisdom of the stars for Not only did he explain the wild roller-coaster ride we experienced in and the continuing chaos in but he also gave us the solution.

Ten guesses what we must have in place for the next nine years?

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Prayer-a daily, powerful, practice of prayer. But what kind of prayer will hold us upright in the storm? That's the big question I want to ask Michael. The Heart of Centering Prayer is a double revelation. First, she demonstrates that centering prayer is far more than a Christianized form of meditation. But then, she enters the heart of centering prayer to show what actually happens when we pray this way: Our mind switches to a new operating system-a nondual operating system. And-here's the really exciting part-this is exactly what the anonymous author of The Cloud of Unknowing was talking about!

I sat stunned watching the most glorious videos of ecstatic mystical dance I've ever seen. Banafsheh couldn't be with us in January because she went to Washington, D. Join us as we move our human-divine bodies in rhythm with the Beloved within! So, who is a model of mystical prayer? Who prayed so richly that he could say, "The father and I are one"?

And who better to bring us into the heart and mind of Jesus, than Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz, the greatest living translator of Jesus in his native Aramaic? Each conversation is a revelation-not because he gives us some external information, but because he opens our hearts to the divine presence and wisdom and beauty and grace pulsing within. The first container isn't news; traditions have been pointing to this truth for eons. After a personal encounter with Mary Magdalene, she began a lifelong mystical walk with the Divine Feminine. Meghan is an award-winning author, spiritual mentor, and retreat leader.

She guides her mentees and retreatants to recognize themselves as the connector between earthly wisdom and heavenly wisdom. This show has always been an experiment. Each year we follow a big, circle theme. This year we are taking the experiment to a whole new level. The Soul-Directed Life will be the first radio show that is a prayer! The first container is the truth of who you truly are: a divine-human. And who better to kick off this mystical prayer adventure than Andrew Harvey and Karuna Erickson, mystics and practitioners of the divine-human yoga practice, Heart Yoga!

Big Question: What beauty am I now carrying in my heart? For weeks leading up to the election, I had nightmares about being stalked. I woke the morning of November 9 in shock. My whole body reeled as I watched America appear to choose hate over love, exclusion over inclusion. I begged Sophia for help. That night I had an intense hour dream. At the end of the dream I was handed a playing card, the 1 of Hearts. I knew I was being asked to create a global community to shower Washington with unconditional divine love to feed the voice of love in "We the People" and protect the vulnerable.

I contacted Mirabai Starr and John Welshons to ask them to launch this global community of prayer with me. Join us for a deep meditation to awaken the light within and send it to Washington. The prayers of love and healing begin today! Thomas Moore—The Soul of Christmas.

I looked at my schedule. Search by title, catalog stock , author, isbn, etc. Closeout Sale. By: Joyce Rupp. Wishlist Wishlist. Write a Review. Advanced Search Links. Editorial Reviews This product is not available for expedited shipping. Add To Cart. May I Have This Dance? Genesis Revisited - The Creation. Nature's Artistry. Basic Judaism. The fifty prayers are drawn from the personal journal of Joyce Rupp and are ideal for personal or group use, with quotations from the Wisdom literature, questions for personal reflection, and suggestions for journaling.

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Prayers to Sophia: A Companion to The Star in My Heart: A Companion to the Star in My Heart Prayers to Sophia: A Companion to The Star in My Heart: A Companion to the Star in My Heart
Prayers to Sophia: A Companion to The Star in My Heart: A Companion to the Star in My Heart Prayers to Sophia: A Companion to The Star in My Heart: A Companion to the Star in My Heart
Prayers to Sophia: A Companion to The Star in My Heart: A Companion to the Star in My Heart Prayers to Sophia: A Companion to The Star in My Heart: A Companion to the Star in My Heart
Prayers to Sophia: A Companion to The Star in My Heart: A Companion to the Star in My Heart Prayers to Sophia: A Companion to The Star in My Heart: A Companion to the Star in My Heart
Prayers to Sophia: A Companion to The Star in My Heart: A Companion to the Star in My Heart Prayers to Sophia: A Companion to The Star in My Heart: A Companion to the Star in My Heart

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