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I will not stop until my body stops me. Most times, I make my own journals. That was a challenge I tried when I did the 'design ' class mentioned below. The day to reflect and plan. Making a list of goals is not the same as a Day Challenge. This is better than a list of goals. This is more than a to-do list. Even better, this is doing happiness work.

I've been trying to get a hike in but it hasn't been a priority, so for this new week it is. I will join the hiker's meetup and do it with some 'friends' adding more value to the experience. Plan a real secret. Keep your journal so you don't forget your days. What follows are a few things I did this week. I never share everything and I only share things that made me smile. Making gnocchi, like making pasta, is good for the soul. My potato ricer makes the job easier than mashing. If you're not already, become an artist.

Start with doodling. Check out this Zentangle link. I love this book. I don't believe in love stories. I did like this one. From 'The Economist' I learned about the new money from facebook. Facebook aims to have it ready by Watch the video that shows how your google assistant can set up your dinner reservations.

I learned about this through the Hidden Brain podcast. Read About. It's a good habit to use Sunday evenings to reflect on your week and plan for the next. I know we get caught up in the rat-race of work but we've come a long way. Most of us aren't starving and most have a roof overhead. We can have a little fun if we plan right. I hope you're keeping a journal and plotting all kinds of schemes.

Plan Your Week. Fancy Meal. Book to Read. Adventure to Take. Challenge to Make. Box two gives recipes for stove-top simmers, and the third box is a method of yoga I read about and put it on my list. It wasn't what I had expected. Simple, delicious, and healthy. I n I enrolled in this class and loved every lesson. I am currently reviewing the content in this course as well as working on the Super Drawing class. This link will take you to page of all of their free classes. By the way, creating is a happiness booster. Contact your Congress and State Representatives. Be an active participant in the causes dear to your heart.

Here's a link to a source that grades charitable organizations. This way you have a better idea if your chosen nonprofit is legit. This is a beautiful story about living in Naples, Italy in the s. It's in subtitles which is good for me because I pay better attention to the story. There are 8 episodes in the series. The following book was recommended in a previous book I read. I listened to it free on a download from my library. As a teacher and a dabbler of mindfulness training, I found Dr.

Doty's story compelling. Doty's book. In some ways, the book reminded me of Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist. Scroll Down. I was fortunate enough to see her speak when she was promoting this book. She is incredible. Having a sense of purpose and creating meaning in one's life is a huge happiness maker.

I haven't completed the research on this link , but if you need a place to begin, check it out and learn how you can get involved. In the meantime, be careful with what you read you don't want to be like everyone else and get out in the world and meet people. I met a woman yesterday who teaches women in their 70s synchronize swimming! Yesterday, we celebrated the end of the season at the theater where I volunteer. A few years back, a Single Serving Friend recommended that I inquire about volunteering at our local Broadway theater and the symphony.

I don't volunteer as much as the rest, but I do what I can to help. This is a great way to serve, wear a little black dress, meet lots of people, and enjoy a show. Check out your local theater and see if they need your help. You have to go early. They close at every day. If you'd like to make your own, kolaches, try this recipe from A Taste of Home. No matter your age, it's always good to learn about strong, progressive women. Our local museum currently has an exhibit of Frida's work.

I was lucky to get the chance to visit this week. I've read the book and watched the movie. The 10th Muse, according to the novel, was Zeus's 10th daughter. Rather than taking care of men, she preferred to take care of herself. Princess Kwan-Yin, another fabled daughter, lived her life helping those who suffer.

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My bet is that in each of us we have qualities of both of the daughters. Usually, it's once a week. On those days, I plan a trip to the city. I try not to spend a lot of money. That becomes part of my game. You probably won't have this problem, but as a single on my own, I try to make normal portions and then dress up the leftovers. My aim is to eat well this time. I'll be sharing lots of discovered recipes. Check this recipe for salmon salad It's hot.

Part of my game is to be more adventuresome in trying hot and varied spices. I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy. Every 90 days I make it a priority to donate blood. At the beginning of the year, I received a challenge from the Red Cross to become a member of their 'Trauma Team'. I have to donate at least 4 times this year. The more I donate, the better the rewards at the end.

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I don't do this for the rewards, I give because, for now, I can. This is one of the ways I make sure my life has meaning. My appointment is in 3 hours. Take care of your health and get outside. I love it when one activity covers more than one happiness category. The older I get, the more concern I have for my bones. I need my Vitamin D to help absorb the calcium in my body. No sunscreen. This is easy enough to do. We all need to be outside every day if we aim to be happy. After 10 minutes of exposure, I intend to add the sunscreen.

The following is a yummy, hot crunchy salad. As I cooked the corn, it exploded all over the place. I was popping corn! This salad was mentioned in a book I read. I always assume if an author feels the need to share something extra in their novel, it's worth checking out. This salad will be my go-to for potluck meals at work. It's hot-ish,, easy to make, and delicious. Robin Sacredfire. PN Murray.

Where It Never Ends. Basil Hazem Al-Efranji. Anthony Ekanem. Kimberley Hare. Gerry Baird. Stanley Bronstein. Maria Jesus MarinLopez. How to Break Any Bad Habit. Happy Bright Light. Kelly Stone. Passport to the Future. Rinus Le Roux. Soulsongs Volume 3: Exploring the Law of Attraction.

Book Review: Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation by Sharon Salzberg

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You submitted the following rating and review. I take a few deep breaths, I lower my shoulders, and then just concentrate on the breath. I give up on the other sorts of meditations suggested for week one because, today at least, they distract me. I begin to count my breaths in and out. I feel an odd weightless sensation, as if my head is sort of swelling larger and floating off of my neck. I have no idea whether this is to be expected or if I've just fallen asleep.

But I like the sensation, which gets me thinking about how I'll try to describe it later, which gets me thinking about what I'm doing tomorrow. And back to the breath again. Somehow, restarting again is much less difficult than walking up here to sit. I'm so glad I dragged myself into the room to breathe and start again.

After meditation, I think "my phone is beeping" and keep walking. Before mediation, I think "life will stop if I don't answer this phone. It's a dumb way to live but I literally can't stop myself. I answer the phone and it's Mr. Kim, my dry cleaner. Meditation stops the addiction chicken that runs in circles in my head. Meditation has enabled me to think, "who cares" when my phone beeps on 7th Avenue. Meditation has helped me prioritize, discern, analyze. By allowing me to hear the quiet, meditation helps me understand the noise.

If today is a good day, we trust tomorrow will be one, too.

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  • It happened early this morning. Sadly, I learned that one of my sweetest students has about six months to live. Her voice has so much love in it — it wraps you in a cozy blanket. She lives life and you feel it.

    Why is it so hard to find real happiness?

    How could she ever not be? I am stunned and shaken. As much death as I have seen, my soul keeps hoping surely this one will steal away. I say the metta meditation for her. I cry. I hold her up to the light. I pray that she is able to prove the doctors wrong yet again. This mother, sister, friend - faithful one has fought hard for her life.

    She should live forever. She promises me she will. Like I said, I never know what the day will bring. After I hit the snooze button, I love to listen to all of the morning breaths around me. There's the gentle rumble of my partner, the deep sigh of pup Bella as she repositions herself behind my knees and the distant whistle of her sister Lucy. It's all just a peaceful little orchestra warming up for the day.

    Recently I was ridiculously impressed by a concept so simple I couldn't believe it left me with such a profound feeling; that the first thing we do when we are born is to inhale and the last thing we do when we die is to exhale. Recalling the final exhalation of a dying friend was a poignant reminder of how fundamental something we all take for granted really is. So I roll carefully around Bella, lift myself out of bed and head to the cushion, grateful, grateful, grateful for my breath.

    Real Happiness Challenge FAQs - Sharon Salzberg

    In that place there is a silence that feels true, and sometimes even a light, self-generated, its own fire. I am a visual person, so I think my mind gives me these images to process that safety and that calm. Other times, I go into my breath and feel chaos, disarray, emotional depth which makes me fearful, like I am standing on the precipice of my darkest place.

    Real Happiness Challenge Real Happiness Challenge
    Real Happiness Challenge Real Happiness Challenge
    Real Happiness Challenge Real Happiness Challenge
    Real Happiness Challenge Real Happiness Challenge
    Real Happiness Challenge Real Happiness Challenge

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