Sleeping In The Sun

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Additionally, there is no greater feeling of disgust, or satisfaction based on how your night is going, to groggily exit a Reykjavik bar on a Saturday night as the sun is making its first appearance over the horizon.

This excess of sunlight comes in stark contrast to my January visit to Reykjavik at which point I was basically deprived of all signs of life. Sitting in my room at the hostel, I had trouble waking up before noon as the sun refused to make its first appearance before reaching the afternoon hours. In accordance, I believe it is the long, brutal winters that help Icelanders have a true appreciation for the weather here during the summer months. I can relate to the emotions of seasonal mood changes due to my experience dealing with the harsh Chicago winters that plague my hometown every November through February.

Known for extremely cold temperatures, erratic wind gusts and heavy snow blizzards, Chicago winters are infamous for their unforgiving nature and painfully cold wind chills. In turn, Chicagoans have a sense of gratefulness for the summertime weather after enduring the treacherous cold of the winter months. At the first sign of any weather resembling spring temperatures and sunlight, Chicagoans can be seen wearing shorts and sunbathing at our beaches on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Likewise, Icelanders were out in abundance this past weekend as temperatures hit 16 degrees Celsius 60 F and the sun shone down on the numerous visitors to the hot tubs at Laugardalslaug Swimming Pool. Icelanders as well as my native Chicagoans have to feel the sting of winter in order to fully appreciate the more favorable summer weather.

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  • #4. Extreme Heat Makes You Tired?

Any sign of a tan means your skin has undergone damage. Limit your intake of alcohol and caffeine. Water is your best bet. Alcohol and caffeine can both act as mild diuretics, meaning they can increase how much you pee, the Mayo Clinic explains.

Sleeping in the sun

Combined with your sweating, this can make it easier to become dehydrated. Alcohol in particular can be an issue here. If you have too much in your system, you might feel less concerned with re-applying sunscreen.

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While you can definitely enjoy caffeine and alcohol when out in the sun, make them more of the exception than the rule. Heat illness is an umbrella term for issues like heat exhaustion and heat stroke, the Cleveland Clinic explains. Signs of heat exhaustion include fatigue, heavy sweating, dizziness, fainting, thirst, headache, and more. Luckily, if you follow those preventive tips up there, you can ward off the chances of dealing with a heat-related illness—or of conking out the second you reunite with some sweet, sweet air conditioning indoors.

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Is it Safe to Sleep in the Sun? – Eight Sleep

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Health September 8, By Nina Bahadur. Related Condition Centers Dermatology.

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Your body needs to maintain a specific internal temperature to work properly, and that can take a lot of subtle yet kind of exhausting work. Even if you chug a ton of La Croix, excessive heat can cause dehydration that makes you feel wiped. There are a few things you can do to avoid needing a nap the second you get home from a sunny day out.

Also, keep an eye out for signs of any heat-related conditions that may require medical attention, like heat exhaustion. Keywords dermatology , skin , skin health , Skin Care.

Sleeping In The Sun Sleeping In The Sun
Sleeping In The Sun Sleeping In The Sun
Sleeping In The Sun Sleeping In The Sun
Sleeping In The Sun Sleeping In The Sun
Sleeping In The Sun Sleeping In The Sun
Sleeping In The Sun Sleeping In The Sun

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