The Book I Wrote On Humility

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Humility : The Beauty of Holiness

Doubt and insecurity have nothing to do with humility. Just as Orwell, we have our blind spots, and we may not even be aware of them. We spend our lives learning, only to learn we know very little. Humility arrives when we think of the mysterious source of creativity — the Muse.

Why I Wrote the Power of a Humble Life

Some writers romance the Muse and for others she seems to elude almost entirely. Most writers have figured out the way to get creativity to flow, for the Muse to arrive — habit.

Humility – Steven Pressfield

In the end, almost all writers feel they are serving something greater than themselves, and that requires humility. Almost every step of the writing and publishing path requires humility. With one exception. You need to be bold and fearless when writing the first draft. You just need to get it down. But then humility is needed once again when editing.

We writers must be able to distance ourselves from the words so they are not precious. We have to be able to take our vulnerable writer ego out of the picture in the editing process. The editor eye must be ruthless.

A Friend and Gentleman

It is the only way to serve the text, the only way to make it better. Criticism and rejection are inevitable in the writing process. From alpha and beta readers through the entire publication process, your writing will be rejected numerous times, your writing will be criticized. Alpha and beta readers criticize in order to help.

See a Problem?

Writing partners criticize to help. Once the book is published, we must remember that the book is no longer ours. It has hopefully become part of public discourse and criticism is inevitable. Rejection and criticism have their upside.

First of all, both mean your work is being read hopefully. I like to think of rejection in terms of a numbers game. But Simmons said he feels some of his most impactful work is through the written word. But most of the time, he said, people do the exact opposite. Simmons takes many cues from author C. The tragedy is that we feel like all our virtues must be known.

The Book I Wrote on Humility

He said people want their lives to matter and they are afraid their lives will be inconsequential, so they are constantly trying to prove themselves. Instead, people should put God in charge of their public relations. Simmons recognizes that this is no easy task. He said, at its core, humility is unnatural, and people are able to point out pride and arrogance in others while remaining oblivious to pride in their own lives. He said that while people are busy trying to prove themselves, they are actually hurting themselves and those around them. Simmons draws from historical examples of leaders who made decisions based on pride rather than empirical facts.

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Home About F. Richard Simmons is the creator of the Center for Executive Leadership — a nonprofit organization that offers biblical guidance to men through studies and workshops.

The Book I Wrote On Humility The Book I Wrote On Humility
The Book I Wrote On Humility The Book I Wrote On Humility
The Book I Wrote On Humility The Book I Wrote On Humility
The Book I Wrote On Humility The Book I Wrote On Humility
The Book I Wrote On Humility The Book I Wrote On Humility
The Book I Wrote On Humility The Book I Wrote On Humility

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