The Misadventures of Peter Holt

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That is 40min quicker than today, admittedly with better "riding" carriages. Almost three-quarters of an hour quicker using the existing infrastructure is proven doable. A few tweaks here and there to the infrastructure, and to train speed and ride capabilities, should make up the saving to onehour. Is it too much to hope that Trainlink will lose its seeming apathy and get CountryLink's mojo back?

Good to read some first home buyers are currently fighting back against investors by buying as an investment and not as their homes. Not ideal, though. London to a brick there is a significant jump in investment before May as people panic before the changes take effect. Not a day passes without further multistorey approvals. Anybody else noticing the frenzy by developers to get these big projects done ASAP? First in to sell, best dressed. The lacklustre interest by smaller builders in the Mr Fluffy blocks may be a portent of what's coming. Guess who pays overall for these disappointing sales results?

If I were a first home buyer, fortunately not , I would be holding off buying for the moment. As they say at Coles, prices might be going down, down, down! Lack of water certainly is affecting development in Bungendore "Lack of water delaying growth in Bungendore", camberratimes.

It's a little deceptive to say that the Bungendore East rezoning proposal was "approved by the former Palerang Shire Council" — the council endorsed it and the Bungendore North or Elmslea 2 proposals only for their first step in the long journey towards rezoning. To my knowledge, neither has yet been through its mandatory public consultation period. It's praiseworthy Administrator has held back on progressing these proposals until the water issue is resolved.

Hopefully this will mean the final decision is made by an elected council, not an appointed Administrator. However, it's a little disingenuous given that in January he approved the first step to rezone light industrial land in Bungendore to 24 residential lots, and in February approved 40 medium-density units Bungendore's first medium-density housing , without regard to either's impact on the water supply issue. If Canberra wishes to retain the most successful rugby union franchise in Australia, Canberrans had better start rolling up to home matches in far greater numbers than of late.

Match schedulers need to sort things out. Belated congrats to the ACT government on the new bus service between the airport and the city. Given it used to be a remote posting for service personnel some 40 years ago, as there was little in the way of public transport back then to the airport, it is good to see the catch-up begin. Now perhaps we might also see provision of cheap secure parking at Kingston railway station, and a decent bus service there too. When referring to Insiders, "the last thing you want is group think".

It would be difficult to find a better example of group think than Insiders. Challenging points of view are rare. We have seen a reduction in roo numbers. The mobs are long gone, and on many trips past their former grazing areas none are seen at all. And yet, distressingly, the numbers seen dead at the roadsides seem way out of keeping with their post-shootout population. Not only dead, but too often isolated, disoriented individuals are seen standing beside roads, crossing bridges along footpaths, or very small ones alone on the wrong side of a fence.

I wonder if, in our statistically modelled territory of careerism, bureaucracy and development, where science is the poorest substitute for wisdom and morality, some have failed to understand the behavioural implications of their culling algorithm? It does seem to be the case that, absent the influence of natural mob aggregations, depleted roo populations splinter into aimless, inexperienced and spectacularly shortlived misadventures. There is likely a publication or two, some research funding, a conference speaking engagement, and a PhD in all of this. I knew there'd be an upside. It should be no surprise to readers of The Canberra Times that the Chief Minister, Andrew Barr, made "a number of surprising omissions" when releasing, without detail, changes to the Land Development Agency "Barr's LDA details give little detail", canberratimes.

Two bureaucratic government agencies instead of one will allow for a doubling of the ability to spend millions of dollars in taxpayer funds without transparency, accountability and rigour; to manipulate documents and make unusual arrangements with consulting firms and to continue "pricing many Canberrans out of the market".

Regular visits and outings and occasional road trips continued and in fact Dad and I had started planning our next trip to Sydney and Brisbane, with me, then over to WA with Greenie for this very week when he got sick again. A UTI , bursitis and a very low mood combined with the one on-going legacy of the bowel cancer, frequent frustrating visits to the dunny were all signs something was wrong and after a couple of falls and mishaps he finally agreed to go to the hospital and get checked out. The bad news was the cancer had returned and spread and was inoperable.

Dad elected not to have any treatment so we knew the inevitable end was coming. That was 6 weeks ago and during those last 6 weeks there was never a time when he was on his own, first at home and then at the McKellar Palliative Care unit to whom we are all deeply indebted and grateful for the wonderful care they took of Dad at the end of his life. We delivered a bucket full of chocolate bars and goodies to the hospital yesterday to thank them. There were many visitors including his cousin Danny Delaney, and for much of the time Dad was in good spirits, talking and joking and remembering old stories.

I want to acknowledge all those who stayed nights at the hospital with Dad, part of the bargaining promise made when he went in! On behalf of Dad and all of us I want to say thankyou to Bruce for the wonderful job you did, and to all those who cared for him in his final days. Dad's condition deteriorated significantly on the Monday and we all sensed the end was very close.

Vicki Bruce Jacqui and I were there all day and in near miraculous circumstances, grandson Paul arrived half an hour before the end and cousin Susan arrived from Queensland just two minutes before Dad passed away. He was surrounded by people who loved him, he was ready to go, he had been in no or very little pain all the way through, he had seen the people on his bucket list, he had been told a multitude of times how much we loved him and he even had his eyes open as he took his final breath.

The last words he heard were "I love you Dad".

Video: Spurs Chairman, CEO Peter Holt retires; wife to assume roles

Monday, May 30, Pop's 80th Birthday. On Saturday evening we held a party to celebrate my Dad's 80th birthday and I wrote a poem for the occasion. In 36 at Healsville Peter Holt was born. Son of Merv and Evelyn and Merle's little brother. A ratbag kid, once crowned with a breadboard by his mother. The family moved around from Dixon 's Creek to North Fitzroy. Always on the run or on the track.

Growing up with cousin Danny suited the boys. Til TB claimed the life of brother Jack. Merv liked buying cars and telling yarns. He worked as a bus conductor for a while. Later on he had horses in the barns. But a tractor selling farmer cramped his style. Peter's youth was misspent around Northcote.

Lifelong mates were made in Brunswick and Fitzroy. Rabbit shooting and a Royal car salute. While a certain young lady had her eyes set on the boy.

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Allan Davies and Peter often shared a joke. Each disowned the little bloke. He's not my mate he's yours.

Dad's told me many times how fortunate you are. If you can claim three or four lifelong friends. He found just that in Allan Davies and Keith Grimshaw. Peter and Jacqui got married in While he plied his trade under cars and bonnets.

What's A Chap To Do? by Giles Catchpole

Marriage can be harder than winning gold at the Olympics. And theirs was no Shakespearean sonnet.

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  6. But it did produce some long lasting blessing. Birchip is famous because Alan Holt was born there. Where's Birchip you're no doubt asking. Just head north west til you reach the middle of nowhere. Vicki arrived in a soup can two years on. Settlement Road Bundoora was our home.

    And Peter worked at the local Goodyear branch. In the Holts took a major step. Packed their bags and headed for Geelong. As the newly appointed BP Rep. Peter's career was surely moving on. No more Ron Barassi or Teddy Whitten. We kids now barracked for Geelong. The footy bug had well and truly bitten. With Polly and Wadey the Cats looked mighty strong. Through BP he met a lot of folk. Fergusons and Harwoods I recall. But one name stands out no joke. The Banfields were the closest of them all. Late night chess games with Al. Both Mum and dad are lifelong pals. For 50 years of memories we give thanks.

    Saturday mornings playing golf at Yarra Bend. Gold Cross Golf weekends were nice. But Peter's swing caused wonder to his friends. Uri Gellar had nothing on his slice. In Peter and Jacqui parted. A new life with Julie started. As proprietors of BP Cavendish Road. That's where a strange bloke entered their gates. When I say that don't think me a meanie. For years now they've been best of mates.

    Cause everyone loves a mad Greenie. We spent each Christmas up in Queensland. But the floods in 74 had us stranded. An extra week of holidays unplanned. Til finally in WA we landed. A year of turmoil and family unrest. Resulted in me moving to live with Dad. It was suggested that would be the best.

    Panic Stations in Digswell

    But I don't think I was really all that bad. We lived in a little town called Rosewood. Not far from Pa and Auntie Ada's place. The Caltex servo provided the livelihood. Hockey with frogs and Julie the ping pong ace. Next was Gentle St on the Darling Downs. Express Rubber Stamps and a school bus run. One urgent Sunday morning caused giggles and frowns. And solemn threats to the kids they'd better keep mum.

    One holiday trip to Carnarvon Gorge. Until an enterprising farmer we'll call George. Three years was all that any of us could stand. Dad and Julie sold up, bought a 4WD and a caravan.

    Guide The Misadventures of Peter Holt

    Before they set off on their trek round Australia. One sad event had touched the whole Holt clan. Peter farewelled his Mum in Nathalia. Their travels took them from one side to the other. From the top end to the bite and the red centre too. Their journey rivalled the Leyland Brothers. But it almost ended when they climbed Uluru. Something strange happened as they travelled the country. Was it the water or the air or just getting rusty.

    Suddenly Pop's music taste was nothing but country. Cranky Franky was gone and in his place, Slim Dusty! Years later when living at 74 Duke St. More tragic than the last stand of Custer. Every year come rain snow or sleet. Pop could be found at the big Gympie Muster. After scouring the country on a journey most thorough.

    Peter and Julie decided they'd better settle down. So they bought a little farm just outside Maryborough. Where they nearly went crazy chasing sheep up and down. Life on the farm was pretty terrific. But didn't quite make ends meet. So they started to work for Pacific. Taking school photos all over the state. Then came the saddest part of this tale.

    From which Peter still bears the scars. What caused his second marriage to fail? After a road trip home from Big Pa 's. Peter and Julie went their own separate ways. And Dad felt lost for quite a while. But the road that took him to Tin Can Bay. Turned his life round and brought back his smile.

    Like fans, Texas team owners await a championship - Houston Chronicle

    The people he met and the friends he made then. Brought him out of his sad depressed state. Like Margaret and Lyle and Jackie and Ken. And wearing dresses with Albert his mate. From Tin Can he moved to The Palms with some friends. When that good time came to an end. He bought a Queenslander with an aromatic view. Peter loves Marilyn Monroe.

    He has all their movies on video. A few years back I introduced him. HoltiesHouse became quite a passion. As folks from all over the world he met. He'd never been sick was something Dad used to say. For years and years he was totally well. Then either push the Enter key on your keyboard, or click the GO!

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    The Misadventures of Peter Holt The Misadventures of Peter Holt
    The Misadventures of Peter Holt The Misadventures of Peter Holt
    The Misadventures of Peter Holt The Misadventures of Peter Holt
    The Misadventures of Peter Holt The Misadventures of Peter Holt
    The Misadventures of Peter Holt The Misadventures of Peter Holt

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