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It's kind of like a younger version of The X-Files particularly with the Scully and Mulder working relationship. I'd rate this book PG for scares and swears. Oh right, and obviously I wrote the book, so take the review with a grain of salt View all 5 comments. Shelves: , lol-chuckle-worthy , fantasy , suspense-mystery , adorable-baby-toddler-kid-teenager , favourite-cause-it-is-unique , love-the-cover , scary-as-hell , karina-halle-awesomeness.

Too good to be true. A dark, twisted, and gothic read. An Alfred Hitchcock movie scenario. Sadly, he is dead and can't make it another masterpiece. Karina Halle has nothing to envy and with this series she firmly finds her place between the masters of horror and thrillers, amongst my all-ti "Amazing. Karina Halle has nothing to envy and with this series she firmly finds her place between the masters of horror and thrillers, amongst my all-time favourites, Dean Koontz and Stephen King. Forgotten in the cold Oregon coast, abandoned and alone stands a Lighthouse.

The setting for an Experiment in Terror. It sat there forgotten and lightless, a darkhouse overlooking the sea. Perry Palomino Our heroine is an amazing, one-of a kind, totally relatable twenty-two years old girl. Never, was a heroine so appealing to me She has a degree in advertising but she is wasting away being a receptionist because she doesn't realise just how unique she is. All her life she had weird dreams, visions and imaginary friends. She struggled, she failed. She used drugs, she abused herself and therapists managed to convince her that she is crazy and they made her forget.

But now her nightmares are spilling all over her reality and her imaginary friends are haunting her day-time. We all lie, even you, but not everyone is brave enough to admit it. Psychotic, insane, arrogant, sexy, the cameraman and producer of several webseries takes an interest in the morbid history of the Lighthouse and Perry's innocent "charm".

They gamble and they become partners. In horror and in fate. Because what they don't realise, is that they are meant to save each other. Sexual tension and infatuation take a whole new meaning as these two exchange words, promises and blood. They are two sides of the same coin and they can't part They weren't believers, but when the truth is staring at you, you can't help but face it. Fascinating and twisting, snarky and sarcastic, this story engages all your senses with a sort of manic attention to detail. The weather and the surroundings become a tool in the author's capable hands to manipulate our feelings and blur the lines between normal and paranormal.

The words are turning into a B-movie around you and just like Alice you can't help but fall A highly recommended read! Thank you Fathima and Lucia for "nudging" me into it. Karina Halle has created an exciting world that I can't help but admire. Already bought all the next books, even the novellas. I'm in for the long haul. To the hell and back. Because I'm sure, we are gonna witness it. And I dare all of you This review can be found on my blog: infinity-of-time.

By mixing in elements of horror, humor, romance, and action, this Experiment In Terror is a complete success! Working at a job she can't stand and living with a family who doesn't understand her, Perry Palomino is having trouble finding her place in the world. Maybe that's why she finds herself drawn to other things that don't quite belong in this world as well. Shadowy horrors invade her dreams, and a haunted lighthouse beacons her.

When her investigation into the strange lighthouse leads her to By mixing in elements of horror, humor, romance, and action, this Experiment In Terror is a complete success! When her investigation into the strange lighthouse leads her to wannabe ghost-hunter Dex Foray, the two of them decide to pool their talents in order to learn and document the secrets of the supernatural.

But soon Perry isn't sure which is more dangerous This horror-movie fan had a lot of fun reading "Darkhouse" I've seen all the "Halloween" movies although, why would anyone sit through them all, they're all pretty much the same movie , all the "Nightmare On Elm Street" movies seriously, what the hell is wrong with me and all the "Friday the 13th" movies I've wasted my life , yet NONE of them even came close to freaking me out as much as the scene where Samara crawls out of the TV in "The Ring"! Karina Halle takes a similar approach. Rather than drowning the reader with blood and gore, Halle uses chilling prose and a creepy atmosphere to make us afraid of what may happen next.

The first half of the book is more dedicated to character development although there are enough eerie events to keep the terror flowing even then , but the creep factor really picks up in the second half! To give too much away would be a disservice to the reader, as the scarier moments are much more effective when they're experienced first hand try telling someone who hasn't seen The Ring, "Then this freaky chick crawls out of a TV! But I can reveal that Karina Halle manages to infuse elements of fear and dread without ever resorting to schlock tactics something that even Thomas Harris was incapable of doing by the 3rd Hannibal Lecter book , and that takes true talent!

Oh, and speaking of Hannibal Clarice and Hannibal were certainly not your typical on-screen couple although, if they were, I might start watching a lot more rom-coms. Likewise, Perry is hardly the kind of lead you usually find in a young-adult novel. She's not glamorous, she isn't the best at anything, and forget about love-triangles, she'd be happy just to be part of a love-duo! But she is funny, intelligent, and sensitive, and her personality makes her more endearing than even Katniss Everdeen ever was.

Halle strikes a perfect balance in characterizing Perry. Perry's insecurities are just enough to make her sympathetic, but not enough to get on the readers nerves. Perry's narration is often laugh-out-loud funny, but it's her more tender moments that really resonate with the audience. Also, she is the perfect counterpart for the much-more-confident but not-quite-as-sensitive Dex. While he dies provide much humor of his own, there's a darker edge to Dex, and the more we learn about him, the less we're sure Perry should be working with him. Perry and Dex are both enthralling in their own way, and they play off of each other beautifully.

And that perfect chemistry leads us to When I remember my favorite parts of "Scream", I very rarely think of the actual creepy stuff. Instead, I remember all the hilarious parts, especially when the characters kept deconstructing the "rules" of surviving a horror movie The heartwarming bond that Perry builds with her younger sister. The hilarious shenanigans of Perry's drunken cousins. This book works on so many levels, there were times I got so caught up in Perry's day-to-day life, I almost forgot that this was a horror novel! That's not to say that there aren't plenty of scares, but rather that the book manages to be equally entertaining even when things aren't going bump in the night.

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An enormously entertaining read that promises you will either laugh or scream at least once on every page. If you read "Darkhouse" and you really, really should , I hope you have as much fun watching Karina Halle flaunt classic horror-movie conventions as much as I did! View all 79 comments.

Oct 30, Navessa rated it liked it Shelves: creepfest , meh , new-adult , divisive-characters. Well, fuck. I have no idea how I feel about this so I'm just going to leave it at three stars. Do I like Perry? Not sure. I went back and forth with her throughout the whole frigging book. And Dex? Is he interesting and complex? Or a complete asshole? And what the fuck wa Well, fuck. And what the fuck was up with that cheesy speech about Perry during the meeting with his boss? I thought the message was fantastic but the way it was done just seemed completely out of character.

I did like the creep factor, for the most part. There was one scene there in the middle though that probably should have creeped me out more than it did. Wait, where the fuck did this forest come from? There was also some strange sentence construction, a few weird plot holes, and some editing fails.

Overall, I liked this. Sort of. I think. View all 48 comments. Nov 29, Stacia the club rated it liked it Shelves: adult , favorite-book-guys , action-and-adventure , horror , hybrid-multiple-genre , urban-fantasy. Well, shit, son. If there was a moment that determined the course of my future, I'm pretty sure this was it.

Apparently, Experiment in Terror has quite the cult following that I'm only just now finding out about. As usual, I am late to the party. Thanks, friends. I sense potential. I keep hearing that it only gets better from here on out, so I will definitely be picking up the next book soon. There's something out there. Now you see it; now you don't. No further explanation necessary. Good banter makes me happy.

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I also appreciated the author's phrasing in random places. I felt like I was listening to a real character's voice. Formality was thrown out the window, and I liked that. I know, I know. A motorbike. I've heard it all : It's dangerous, I'll die, I'll look like a douchebag. Most lustful meth addicts don't have high quality digital cameras. At least mine were flirtatious; he probably just had smoke in his eyes.

The show wasn't. It was like Lamb Chop's Play-Along on acid but without the endearing weirdness of acid. As in, all of them. I can relate. I'm going to quit with the 'there be' now, before you all think I'm completely uneducated. Dex might end up being another "hell yes, I love him for being different" type of character like how Paul from How to Kill a Rock Star was for me. Dex is handsome, yet not overblown "romance novel" type of handsome. He's not tall or super built, but he has something going on in the looks department that catches Perry's eye. He has a weird 'stache and an outdated eyebrow ring.

He's got some "crazy" going on inside of him. He hangs with hot chicks, yet is drawn to the normal chick. He's just all kinds of kick-ass to me. I love his offbeat personality. Perry described him as reminding her of Robert Downey Jr. How's that for the anti-perfect alpha male type? But ladies, he can sing! So it's all good. Perry is not your typical young woman. She's brash, she's strange, and she's not rail-thin. She's ten years Dex's junior, but she somehow manages to be a good match for his brand of crazy.

My final thoughts : I felt like the first half of the book was a bit of an over-tell, with a few moments which could have been pared back a little, but much of the setup evened out by the second half when the story finally started to find its groove. After a while, I forgot about any complaints that I had when I first started reading because I was enjoying my time spent with Perry and Dex so much. It's the banter and the chemistry, people!

I can't say that I was particularly creeped out yet , but the tone of the story was dark enough that the ghost hunting concept started off with a bang. Here's hoping that I will catch more of the creepy vibe in further installments as we follow the team on more adventures. And if nothing else, I'll get more time with Dex and Perry together. View all 43 comments. This book was amazing!!!!! Perry Palomino's life hasn't turned out quite the way she had planned.

At years old she lives with her parents who don't know how to interact with their daughter. She works as a receptionist, and hates it. Her little sister Ada is everything Perry is not blonde,thin and popular. Perry,Ada and her parents go to her uncle's farm for the weekend. Armed with her camera she heads to the lighthouse on the property to explore But she isn't alone..

She runs into Dex Foray a cameraman producer,and cinematographer for Shownet an online webshow company. What happens in the lighthouse is unsettling and terrifying and Perry catches it all on film. She posts the video online. When it goes viral Dex approaches Perry to host a web show with him called "Experiment in Terror. She is such a real girl!! As I was reading this book,I couldn't help but laugh!!! Perry has the best sense of humor. She says things people think but won't necessarily say. Even in the most unusual situations she made me laugh!! How do I describe my feelings for Dex????

At first,I thought he's weird.. Then there is the fact that he drives me absolutely insane.. He is tall,dark and yummy!! Dex and Perry have a natural chemistry together and there is definite interest from both parties, but the only relationship that really develops at this point is somewhat of a friendship. They understand each other in ways that other people don't see The sexual tension between them was entertaining!!!

Out of the Dark

I loved this book! The author sets the mood on scary. Much of the action takes place in the darkhouse and I felt my heart racing when the things that go bump in the night bumped View all 98 comments. Although the horror genre may not be a stretch for many, Darkhouse was my introduction into the fictional world of fear. I'd initially been warned from many that this first installation is more of a decent warm-up to an incredible series, so I consequently lowered my expectations a bit.

I'm happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised by how immensely I enjoyed this book; it was precisely what I needed to shake up my realm of reading. Perry is not your typical heroine. She's insecure and imperfect, but strong and determined—not to mention, she drives a motor bike and sees dead people. Her emotional struggles are endearingly relatable, and she manages to get through it all while remaining hilarious and entirely lovable. She suffers from chilling, suspicious nightmares that would shake anyone to their core.

But when she meets the eccentric Dex Foray in an abandoned lighthouse, things start to gradually become clear He had such a lovely smile when he was using it for good and not evil. Dex is one sexy, ghost hunting enigma, and not easily placed in any typical 'hero' category. He's brooding and complex; protective; strange, and a slight ass—but he's a unique ass.

An ass that breaks the mold and makes you want to peel the layers of intrigue and get to what makes him tick. Armed with video cameras and iphones, he and Perry team up to take on the paranormal I loved that Dex was not instantly smitten with Perry, and if he was, he hid it well. He was cool, collected and remained a mystery for the majority of the story--which intrigued me to no end.

His little spurts of anger were sexy and his quirky tactics were charming. Which was fine, because their cat-and-mouse antics were adorable and I loved their unique friendship. Perry of course had this undeniable, secret attraction to Dex--but who could blame her? The man is as odd and mystifying as he is sexy. If Johnny Depp morphed into a slightly unstable, fictional ghost hunter—I'm certain it would be Dex Forray! For those reluctant to dabble in this genre, I can promise you that this book is most likely a cake walk compared to some.

Yes, it has its creepy, heart-pounding, intense, edge of your seat moments—but I believe the true levels of terror are offered in the books to follow Awesome read! Expect the unexpected Spooky and humorous. Open ending. A haunted lighthouse Nightmares Ghosts? Perry Perry had to visit her uncle Al , who owned a lighthouse. That night her cousins decided to go with some friends on the beach , so they invited Perry and her sister. Perry got bored and the lighthouse drew her curiosity.

She thought that it would be a great idea to exlpore it now that she had the chance to , because her uncle wouldnt allow anyone to enter the lighthouse. But weird things happened There she also met DEX Well, after a few chapters they end up working together but the creepy stuff wouldnt stop. I had two somewhat simple choices. I could make a run for it and go back to Uncle Al's. Back to the bonfire where my cousins and dear sister would be drinking and revel in the normalcy of a Saturday night and forget I ever went to this horrid place and ran into this weirdo.

Or I could go with said weirdo up the stairs in this decrepit old lighthouse, which was most likely condemned and unsafe, towards some unknown person or thing that was walking around, potentially waiting to murder us in horrific ways. I really liked this book. It was something new for me and the whole thriller thing excited me a lot. The truth is that I expected it to be scarier while you read it.

I wasnt scared at all but it put me in a creepy mood. Perry used to see things that others couldn't and that made you feel weird. Dex on the other hand seemed to be fearless in most of the cases and I really liked him. He was funny and sarcastic. I was kind of disappointed on how they managed to get throught the whole situation. I expected something more dramatic , like an exorcism but anyway the book's ending made sense.

Dont hesitate , read it!! View all 30 comments. Final rating: 3. I don't know if i expected too much of this book, or if it was something else. I liked it, it was really cool, and it has strong lead character - which is som Final rating: 3. I liked it, it was really cool, and it has strong lead character - which is something i appreciated, but i felt that there was something missing. And i have no idea what. So, the original rating would be 4 - because of Perry, but since i heard that other books were so much better than the first one, i dropped it to 3.

Anyway, i loved the suspense, the lighthouse, the creepy level, the idea. I am quite interested in characters and i can't wait to find out more. Maybe if it was more creepier or something it would be awesome :P. I heard that sequels get better as they go, and i really can't wait to read the rest. She went through lot in her life - or so we have been told.

She was different, she took initiative, she was cunning and she is the type of person who needs to dig out what she wants to know. I am glad that she thinks with her head - she checks out the situation first before anything she does. Hope you like to read history books at gunpoint. But i liked him nonetheless, and i am really interested in finding out more about him.

It explained some things about him. Anyway, i love how he threw some random comments and facts, not to mention how charming he was. But i still don't know what to think about him being already in relationship. How is his relationship going to work out with Perry if he already has a girlfriend? Which btw, i instanty hated - just like Perry. What is there not to like :P? I loved her blog obsession, and she seemed to me like miny Perry.

She was cute. Too bad she didn't appear more often. Matt and Tony were crazy and their father, Al, aka Perry's uncle was nice too. I liked Perry's parents as well :D There were more characters but i do wish those mentioned before appeared a little bit more. Now we are cooking with gas! He reached forward and actually poked me in the arm with the fork. Lightly, but still. He exhaled. Have you ever been to a gym? I went for the first six months of us dating until I got tired of paying someone to torture me.

You ever tried it? You should. In fact, I could tell he looked over at Dex for an explanation. I hoped Dex would throw the attendant off this trail. I wanted to high-five him for his answer. I loved the characters, loved the setting and i would definitely recommend it to horror lovers.

View all 39 comments. Feb 05, Duchess Nicole rated it really liked it Shelves: e-pcs , genre-horror. Get it, get it!! I'm not normally much for horror books, but I've recently been trying to loosen my rabid grip on all things romance. Turns out, I truly tend to need it to stay interested. The great thing about that is that even male authors tend to throw a little romance into their plot somewhere.

So when I started seeing this series pop up all over my feed, amidst my also-romance-addicted friends, for months on end, it for sure caught my attention. You know how each time a new hit series comes out, it's touted as "different"? Perry Palomino: She's in her early twenties, fresh out of college. She's not gorgeous, but she IS real. She has a little extra junk in the trunk, and her self image is not so hot considering that she's had weight issues for most of her life.

And unlike many books, her low self esteem isn't used so that she can act like an idiot while men and boys drool on their chins and follow this goddess in hiding around. Perry's just normal In the way of psyche, this chick has issues!!!! Perry has dreams Dex Foray: Talk about an unconventional hero!!! This guy comes across as even weirder than Perry!!!!

Dex is an internet show video cameraman. The way he's described isn't normally the way I would envision a man that I would become so fascinated with. His appeal doesn't come from his looks, but from his odd characterization, and the little glimpses that you get of the inner Dex. Dex and Perry meet in an old abandoned lighthouse in the middle of the night. Perry certainly wasn't looking for anything supernatural. But Dex is! Their first meeting is an awfully frightening experience for this reader.

Secret slamming doors that lock themselves, ghostly footsteps, and sun bright lights I literally had to turn on my lights to keep reading The fact that Perry's iPhone happened to record much of the experience is a plus when she posts her video online and gets loads of unexpected hits. And therein lies the excuse for Dex to contact her and push his internet video show idea The Experiment in Terror. While romance is definitely not the point of the story, there is an underlying sexual tension between Dex and Perry I'm assuming it will eventually lead somewhere.

For me, this entire book was one big mystery. I can't quite figure Dex out. He's just so odd. He's moody, he treats Perry like an annoying kid sister at times, but looks at her like he's dying to know her soul. He's not the type of hero to go saving the damsel in distress, but then he turns around and protects her in other ways Perry is extremely likeable, but hard to empathize with. The girl needs to grow a pair and stand up for herself! Be bold in life and not just scary situations.

I can honestly say that I haven't been this excited about a new-to-me series in months. At then end of Darkhouse, I've already loaded every available book in the series onto my Nook I'm that sure that I'll love them! If you're bored with the current offerings, if you're continually being disappointed by the newest craze book and need something to sink into, give this a try. It may not be for everyone, but it was such a massive hit for me, and has my anticipatory nerves firing like crazy.

I can't wait to devour more Dex and Perry!!! View all 61 comments. We meet Perry and basically find out that she's had a bit of a rough life. She's talked to imaginary friends, dabbled in drugs and dealt with some bullies. But she has finished college and is trying to make her way in this poor economy. On a weekend trip to her Uncle's, she decides to check out his "haunted" lighthouse and during some strange encounters, she meets Dex. So, it's been killing me to have put these off for so long but I knew from all my friend's reactions that this series would just We meet Perry and basically find out that she's had a bit of a rough life.

So, it's been killing me to have put these off for so long but I knew from all my friend's reactions that this series would just suck me in so I wanted to tie up all my loose series. I'm so glad I did and I would recommend you do the same. Although at this point, the drawn is not overwhelming but I could definitely see reading the next one right away. Another thing is that everyone says this is the worse book in the series!!

Well, if that's so then I'm really happy because I didn't think this one was bad at. Maybe a little drawn out but that's fairly common for first books. I really liked Perry but yipes, she has her hands full. And you've heard that saying that like attracts like? Yep, that's Dex. I'm not sure who is more messed up.

All my friends think they are married to him. He admits to being a liar and a bit bipolar. He's thirty-two and he is chasing ghosts But he's an enigma. I enjoyed all of Perry's family and I really like the differences between the two nationalities. It will be interesting to see how much her family plays in the future books. I would love more Ada when she's a few years older. I really got a kick out of her Uncle Al as well.

Not sure how I feel about Dex's girlfriend Seems like he's bipolar there too. Unfortunately, I've read things about her in the future and I really don't like that. So, you're probably still wondering if I think this is scary or not. Well, not really. I mean, it does keep you involved and there is that bit of freakiness and definitely of the unknown but it didn't keep me up at night.

Not yet anyway. But the whole haunted lighthouse and "I see dead people" plot is pretty good. I do want to know more! There isn't a cliffhanger but obviously the story is ongoing especially with the seventh book just out and there's at least two more to go. I can't wait! You give me a business card? View all 75 comments. Feb 06, Brittni rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , horror-supernatural , free-books.

It was so good!! I don't normally read scary supernatural books, but I'm glad I took a chance with this one. This book really reminded me of the show "Supernatural" with all the creepy and fascinating elements in the story. I loved Perry!!! She is just like your average 22 year old trying to figure out her place in the world. At firs 4. I started to like him more when he told his patronizing asshole of a boss off for humiliating Perry. Score one for Dex!!!

So to all my awesome friends on here who said he would grow on me…. You Were Right. Overall, I really loved this book!! View all 57 comments. Sep 21, Vishous rated it it was ok Shelves: love-the-heroine , review , mystery , young-adult-new-adult , buddy-read-with-shellyb , series , hot-hot-guyzzz , romance , fantasy-or-urban-or-pnr-or-sf. I am afraid I am very afraid So many people loved it, and worships the author, that I was terrified to write that it was really nothing special. I have heard that this series gets better with every following book and that is why I was lite I am afraid So I got myself wondering She cracked me up sometimes but again I already have a feeling I will like her more as the story goes But this book I am sorry but it really didn't rock my boat View all 78 comments.

And let me just say, it felt fantastic to finally get to experience what people have been raving about. All I can say is the hype is definitely warranted. This is just the first book but already I can safely say, I am hooked. I already love Perry. This book had the right amount of creep, mystery, chem 4 creep-tastic stars! This book had the right amount of creep, mystery, chemistry and it had also had a lot of funny moments.

I thought it would be too heavy for me but I felt that the author was able to balance the whole thing. It's not too dark that you get suffocated by it, neither it is too light, you end up not taking it seriously. But what really made the book for me was Perry. Her struggles as a something trying to pursue her dreams, kinda hard when you don't even have an idea what you want to do , was very relatable. She was like totally me 12 years ago. I'm so glad Ms.

Halle didn't write her as this perfect girl with the perfect figure and the face that's to die for. So it's safe to say, I found another series to sink my teeth into. View all 41 comments. Shelves: july-reads , kindle-own , favorites. I would have never been aware of this series or author if it weren't for all of my GR buds talking about how awesome this series is, and how they have fallen in love with the mysterious, moody character; Dex Foray.

Darkhouse is the first book in the Experiment of Terror series, and as with tons of my fellow readers, I have fallen in love with this series. This is not a romance, although I "Expect the Unexpected! This is not a romance, although I am hoping that one day Dex and Perry might become involved! Karina Halle has written an amazing story that is equally entertaining, laugh out loud funny at times, and in some scenes I literally got goosebumps from how chilling they were!

Blood Vow (Black Dagger Legacy, #2) by J.R. Ward

Her descriptive writing is amazing, and she is able to articulate so well about what she wants the reader to see, that I literally had a movie playing in my head. This story was beautifully written and her writing skills amaze me! The two main characters in this book are unique individuals who I am eager to watch grow and learn more about as the series progresses.

I like how we have been given a glimpse into who they are; but not a full disclosure. Their still is much to be revealed, and I can't wait to find out more! Perry is a very likeable character, as I feel she has been written into your average, realistic woman.

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  8. She has insecurities about her weight, and she often doesn't have much confidence in herself. Yet, when the chips are down, she is able to kick ass with her karate moves. I love that Perry isn't this unrealistic woman with huge perky breasts, and model tall height!! LOL As for Dex I don't even know where to begin with him! But I was wrong. Axe is reasonable and not judgemental even though he's neglected by his father. He's done so many wrong things but he can understand himself without someone reminding him who he is. Elise, too, is strong and independent, she rarely acts like she's a damsel in distress, she knows that everyone has their problems and it's unnecessary to judge people until you know them well.

    Ward knows where to hit my points to fully enjoy her books. She wrote it the way she used to, nothing was changed. But the fresh start and how she put the pranks into her story were excellent as always and made me laugh my ass out. I liked her books because of them. Highly recommend! This is my best Christmas gift ever. And Lassiter is my other reason that I loved Blood Vow so damn much I marked it as my favorite of View all 12 comments. I enjoyed this immensely and I feel so thankful that it is the last book I read in 1. I enjoyed this immensely and I feel so thankful that it is the last book I read in !

    Well, in this series, Black Dagger Legacy , we get to see a younger generation as recruits, trying to join the elite protection force. And since this is book two, the cast is narrowed down to six trainees. The trainee that is the star of this book is Axe, who is kind of your token bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks character, while he is falling for a girl who he feels is out of his league.

    Elise is from a powerful and wealthy vampire house, but after the horrible tragedy that happened in BOOK ONE, her family is being extra protective of her. All Elise wants to do is to be able to finish her college degree, but her father is making it rather difficult. That is, until he hires Axe to be her bodyguard to watch over her.

    I mean, just in general I think that BDB really showcases the importance and power of found families all the time, but this book has such a moving and wonderful discussion on adoption.

    I loved this subplot so much. This is truly a story about how blood is only blood and how we all have the power to love and pick our family. Overall, I just love this world that JR Ward has crafted. She is the absolute queen of PNR and she continues to impress me with stories that feel new and fresh constantly. Lord, help me. View all 5 comments. Jun 17, Laura rated it really liked it Shelves: paranormal-romance , fave-alpha-men , amazing-heroines , paranormal.

    Boy, I need to review this one soon. Honestly, I cannot get enough of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, so I am beyond ecstatic for the Black Dagger Legacy series, it feeds my addiction to these vampires!! Axe turned his life around when his father was killed in the raids, he applied for the trainee program to do something good with his life and at the same time avenge his fathers death. Elise is an aristocratic, her rebellious cousin death Blood Kiss has affected her and her family to the point that she is being smothered and sheltered by her overprotective father.

    Her father refuses to allow her, her independence and attempts to smother her under tradition but Elise wants to finish her PhD in Psychology so she can become a Therapist to her race just like the humans have. To achieve her goal, she agrees to a compromise, she will accept a bodyguard. When Axe previously met Elise, he was instantly attracted to her, he wants her……badly!! However; he feels that she is way out of his league. Axe and Elise have a bumpy road to their HEA and for the most part I enjoyed their storyline, but both have issues to work through, including huge trust issues.

    Rhage and Mary have started the adoption process for Bitty who they both love and adore along with the rest of the brotherhood household. Their fear becomes a reality when Ruhn shows up to claim Bitty, what an emotional rollercoaster!!! Bitty is such a loving, sweet, and wise young girl. I loved their storyline and the outcome. Lassiter: Lassiter, Lassiter, Lassiter……our favorite naughty fallen angel. Lassiter and Bitty have developed a very special and close bond, they have tons of fun together that will make you smile happily. We see the Lassiter we all know and love…snarky, crude, and outrageous at times.

    View all 11 comments. Jan 15, Beanbag Love added it Shelves: back-burner. I have not bought this book yet. Here's why: Paperback, yo. Not hardcover. So I'm going to buy it when it's the paperback it was sold to loyal readers as. I've got plenty of money. It's just that I don't like being taken for granted by authors and their pub I have not bought this book yet. It's just that I don't like being taken for granted by authors and their publishers. So my protest will include me spending the money I might have spent on Blood Vow on something else. I'm gifting some of my favorite books to some friends.

    Because I loved them, they're independently published, and these two technically three authors never seem to forget that their fans are more than dollar signs. What a bargain. True -- pro published books are more expensive. So it behooves the author to give what she or he promised the readers. The ones with the money. If you sold a series as paperback, then give us a reasonably priced paperback instead of greedily bumping it up to HC on the second book because you know we're loyal and you can squeeze a little more out of us.

    That kind of stink doesn't just go away. Some people might think I need a waaaambulance and it's really not all that important. But some of us are just plain tired of being played for chumps and something that might seem like just a few bucks give or take Frankly, it's insulting, and my money goes where I want it to go. Because while authors may not be their readers' bitches thank you Neil Gaiman for that one , readers are not authors' bitches either. ETA: the giveaway goes on. Uniquely Moi -- my dear friend -- got the second batch of the same books. Now I've spent more than the cost of Blood Vow.

    As I say -- it's not that I can't afford it, it's that I'm not your bitch. View all 20 comments. I'm not a huge fan of this new generation of warriors, but the time spent with my Boys, their shellans and Bits - those moments alone make this story one I will re-read parts of often. In fact, Blood Vow is well worth owning, so when the publisher decides they've go 4. In fact, Blood Vow is well worth owning, so when the publisher decides they've gouged enough readers and reduces the price, I'm sure I'll be picking it up. Until then, library copies will have to do.

    Ward has got her mojo back with the last couple of books. This one has the feel of the older, classic books in the BDB series. Dark, sexy, funny and oh-so-kickass. Even though this series is about the trainees, we get plenty of the original brothers. The main romance is between the BDB trainee, Axe, and a member of the vamp aristocracy, Elise, but there is also a substantial side-story about Rhage and Mary.

    Plus, we get enough glimpses of Zsadist to make our hearts go pitter-patter, and J. Plus, we get enough glimpses of Zsadist to make our hearts go pitter-patter, and a couple of scenes with other favorite brothers. In other words, no Phury. Thank goodness!! Although, I could have used a little Qhuay in my life. Okay, a lot of Qhuay. I'm on a lot of teams, apparently. Axe was in the last book and he is the Mr. Bad Boy. He's bisexual, a former drug-addict, into kink, and very poor. He lives like a college student, on ramen noodles, by himself in a house with no electricity.

    Elise lives in a mansion with more rooms than your average hotel, and is going to human college for her degree in psychology which my sons assure me is about as useful as a degree in medieval basket weaving. Her father hires Axe to be her bodyguard. And, as we all know, a sexy body guard ends up being a sexy body guard. He's got her covered.

    Axe: "If anyone tries to so much as brush the ends of your hair with their elbow, I will kill them four times over before I light their corpse on fire. While they are doing their sexy thing, Mary and Rhage are going through some crap with their new daughter, Bitty. What I want to know is who the hell got the idea that calling a young girl Bitty is in any way okay? I mean, shit, give the kid a break! And, speaking of breaks, poor Bitty of the unfortunate name has to have all of the bones in her body broken.

    For reasons. This makes Rhage's beast make a surprise appearance. But, don't worry, Lassiter another of my favorites is on the scene. Lassiter was undaunted. You're not yourself when you're hangry. Bitty's uncle shows up and I have high hopes for him in a future romance with someone that needs it badly.

    Plus, since our bisexual bad boy has decided on a girl, and our bisexual bad girl is going for a boy in the next book, we need at least one more couple who are playing for their own team. Come on!! He's ugly and horrible. I'm sorry, but I need my romantic leads to be less icky. They don't have to be perfect, but this guy doesn't have the personality to outshine his ugly face.

    If that makes me shallow, I'm a tiny freaking puddle. Fingers crossed that the secondary story is about Qhuay. I won't give up my hopes for more of them. You thought I would use the Brokeback Mountain meme, didn't you? View all 9 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I feel like I need a disclaimer before I write this review. I love J. Ward, this book however I did not love. Here are my reasons: 1. I didn't like Axe and Elise.

    I didn't hate them, in fact I felt nothing for them which is really bad when they are the main characters. I got so bored that in the end I was skimming their chapters, never good sign. Now don't get me wrong this is what saved this book from being a one star but this book isn't titled T I feel like I need a disclaimer before I write this review. Now don't get me wrong this is what saved this book from being a one star but this book isn't titled The Beast 2 and is suppose to be about the new cast of characters so when it counts on the original cast to carry it, and literally it is a continuation from The Beast, there is a problem.

    In fact when I think about it that is the problem, the two story lines were constantly warring for attention, I wish it was either exclusively a book about the new characters, or a book about the Bitty situation so it could have gotten the attention it deserved but not both. This book was way too depressing. The Bitty stuff we knew was going to be a struggle, even if it turns out well, but why did this book have to constantly dwell on the death of Elise's cousin Allishon? It was like an obsession and not in a good way, again I found myself skimming a lot of pages.

    When I finished this book I realized I'm not excited for the next. I remember when the BDB books would come out I couldn't wait for the next brother, I mean even if I wasn't happy with what happened I still wanted to read about V, Zhasdist, Phury, etc.. I could care less who gets with who or what book is next. I just don't feel like they have personalities that I care about or I know about. In the end I was disappointed in this book and wish I would have waited for a library copy. View all 22 comments. Dec 07, Mandi Schreiner rated it liked it Shelves: pnr. Bitty also suffered, and because so many bones in her body were broken and healed poorly, they are afraid when she transitions into an adult vampire, she could have permanent damage to all of her limbs.

    On top of that, her blood-uncle makes contact looking for her and Mary and Rhage worry that he will take her away from them. Look — Bitty bored me tears because — we all know, Bitty is going to stay with Rhage and Mary. My God, I wanted her to rebel or have some kind of attitude. Be a brat just for a second, Bitty! Even her uncle was super nice. It melts me. But, the entire family being this ooey-gooey lovey-dovey pile of mush?

    For half the book? My bitter, jaded heart was over it. The main couple is Axe and Elise and I liked them! Axe is a trainee at the BDB compound. Ex-heroin user, super poor, abandoned by his mother, father killed in the raids. Belongs to a sex club.

    Get A Copy

    He was edgy and grumpy and badass. Elise is glymera — wealthy, privileged and her father is terrified for her safety after all the raids and murders that have occurred. He ends up hiring Axe to be her bodyguard — and the two have super hot chemistry. Elise rebels against the glymera and wants to live her own life her own way. She was a stronger heroine for Ward — I enjoyed her a lot. Their relationship is spicy and hot. I also love the trainees — Peyton, the arrogant asshole, Novo another female trainee who is cool, and the quiet dude who has issues he will be a super sexy hero.

    The conflict between Elise and Axe at the end is a little meh and not sure if they were at the declaration of love yet — that felt weird for Axe to say. He is so jaded and hard-edged — him saying I love You felt odd. I believed in their romance, but maybe not in love yet? I did enjoy reading this — Vishous is around. Lassiter was amazing! He not only made me laugh especially the last scene but he has such a sweet moment! His relationship with Bitty is more engaging that Rhage and Mary. I adore him. Now to get my hands on Xcor and Layla this Aprl.

    Grade: B Feb 02, Talia Red Hot Ink rated it it was amazing Shelves: alpha-male , sweet-heroine , broken-heroes , warrior , book-boyfriends , favorite-couple. There are not appropriare enough words to describe how much I love this woman's style. I'm a sucker for pop culture references and all those names turned into verbs. If her style were a person, I'd hump their leg like a Chiwawa in heat. Now, before she gets a restraining order against me, let's get to the book.

    The main couples here are Axe and Elise and Rhage and Mary. Now, Rhage is my favorite brother. I adore everything about him, his lighthearted spirits, his goofyness not sure he could ever be described as goofy, though and his utter devotion for his Mary. Although in this book his and Mary's story is rather tormented and broke my heart more than once, seeing them relying on each other to be strong awed me. I think this is the beauty of already knowing the characters, and already having read about them, multiple times I would have loved to see a little sexy times between the two of them.

    I mean, I thought the hard part about being a dad was going to be the arguments—like her bringing some knuckle-dragging mouth breather home and expecting me not to slice off his smooth criminals and plant them in the yard. But this? I want to be the one going through it for her. Especially Rhage and Bitty together are the stuff romance bookworms' dreams are made of. He's so protective, funny and tender with her. And the way they would "gang together" against Mary was just The other couple, Axe and Elise, surprised me.

    I was curious about Axe and was totally happy that he ended up with someone the likes of Elise. Their story was the vampire version of Romeo and Juliet. He's the dark, tatted, pierced commoner and she's the daughter of an aristocrat. He doesn't think he's worthy of her while all she sees is the valiant warrior heart beating in his inked chest. The attraction was palpable since the very first moment they laid eyes on each other, and the way their story progressed was refreshing. I didn't care much for Elise's quest for independency, although I liked the angst added by her murdered cousin to it, but it was interesting to see how they grew closer and closer so naturally.

    I also liked how they didn't really resist that attraction. It seemed pointless, and it allowed us to witness many sweet, steamy moments that were just priceless. Oh, I also loved that scene when Elise's out with another guy and Axe just shows up to make sure she's safe Anyway, it was such a great scene! I accept that. But the least that you can do as I sit here and watch you with that man is leave me in peace to enjoy the sight of you.

    It is all I have. Right on that table over there, right in front of him to prove I can. And the hot scenes between the two of them are seriously windowshield-foggying. So, if Elise was a very fine, yet not memorable character, Axe was truly amazing. His background story was so different from all the Brothers and trainee's ones, and it laced perfectly around his personality and issues.

    Another thing, I'm finding myself liking the Legacy's books even more than the latest BDB ones because of the fewer POVs and the major focus on the romantic part. Sure, there's still lots of action, and trainees dramas, and that desperation clinging to certain characters like it's a second skin in total Ward's style, but all in all they're lighter reads, with lots more fun moments That last scene, it cracked me up.

    He's the most awesome, fabulous and fun character ever. I wish I could tuck him in my pocket and bring him with me everywhere. Maybe keep him away from chimneys ; View all 7 comments. Dec 18, Jaela rated it really liked it. Elise and Axe I hoped the Mary-Rhage drama would be over by now, and I didn't really understand the importance of these two being MC in this book, too, but I really enjoyed it, although I'd have liked to read more about Elise and Axe.

    I felt like the development of their relationship was a bit rushed in the end. The things I liked: - Novo as the next MC will be awesome. I like her very much, I loved her in this book. S Elise and Axe She really is a strong female. I know her endgame will be view spoiler [Peyton hide spoiler ] , but she's gonna make him work hard for that. He's been such a jerk in the first book and in this one too, but we saw changes in him, and he's going in the right direction. Although I prefer strong female characters, I want them to tame the bad boys , and John Matthew was a sweetheart.

    I liked his character and he has a potential to be someone important. Though I don't want him to get in between Saxton and Throe they're not an item, probably won't ever be, but a girl can hope , I could like a little gay love triangle hide spoiler ]. We'll see I don't want to spoil anything. I just want to thank J.

    The're all amazing! As a trainee of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, he was ready for anything. When there was a job opening for a bodyguard, he took that opportunity without realizing how much it would impact his life. Elise blooded daughter of Felixe yearned to be free. As a female of aristocratic family, she had rigid expectations to meet. And her life was not made easier when her attraction to someone she shouldn't be with becoming too hard to ignore.

    I like how he picked himself up from his broken past and stood up for himself. However, I wish his kinky side was explored more instead of it being more like an afterthought. She was the conduit to the vein of torture, and as physically attractive as he found her, the power she had over him turned her into a goddess. I like how Elise was not a typical aristocratic female. She had ambitions and put effort in achieving them. But there were moments of vulnerability that made her a hypocrite. Goddamn it, how the fuck were they in this situation.

    I enjoy the overall storyline especially when it comes to the changes in the dynamic between the trainees. And I also like the dilemma Rhage and his family had to endure even though it felt dragged on at times. However I feel like Rhage's story was too overpowering for Axe and Elise to shine, especially that he already had the spotlight in The Beast.

    Blood Vow is a story of two individuals breaking free of the life that shackled them. With a new addition character in the series it'd be interesting to see how the storyline will evolve. Note: I love how Lassiter always stole the show. The Snickers scene was priceless lol! F BR With Loyda. View all 10 comments.

    Books similar to The Inventor's Secret (The Inventor's Secret #1)

    Dec 12, Jen rated it really liked it Shelves: december , buddy-read-with-steph , vampires , favorites , kindle-own , paranormal-romance , series-book. It is always such a treat for me to be able to visit the BDB world, and to see all of my favorite vampires too. I wasn't disappointed in the least, as we were given a glimpse into their lives once again, and the humor that is always present between the guys was their too!

    JR Ward has such a brilliant dialect, and she has created characters that are impossible not to love, as well as they are always so highly entertaining. My only reason for the four stars is because I did feel like the storyline It is always such a treat for me to be able to visit the BDB world, and to see all of my favorite vampires too. My only reason for the four stars is because I did feel like the storyline dragged a bit now and again.

    We were treated to a new main couple Axe and Elise This is a nice change as a lot of us readers were beginning to get frustrated with not having more focus on the main couple. All in all, this was a great read, and I am always greatful for just a little more time in this world. This is my all time favorite paranormal series This spin off series I feel has breathed some fresh air into a series that was starting to get a little bit dull.

    I love that there are new characters being introduced, and I love how this series and the other are interconnected!!! Keep up the brilliant work JR Ward!!! As long as she keeps writing about these sexy vampires I will keep reading!!! View all 18 comments. Dec 13, Jason Bradley rated it liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy , ebook , m-f , vampires.

    And there are parts I don't. Add in her theme that a good woman can cure a man of being bi and wow She makes a point through Axe's dialogue that there are lots of sane normal people in BDSM, then she goes on to show the exact opposite. She even has an alcoholic and drug user who is seen as superior to someon hmm She even has an alcoholic and drug user who is seen as superior to someone who is involved with "hardcore sex".

    And Elise is all okay that Axe is a former druggy who treated his father like shit, but leaves him when she learns he's a member of a sex club. And of course, he has to change to get the girl. Same as V. Okay, so what I liked. And there were tons of important stuff with Rhage and Mary and Bitty. And I liked Axe. Other than the stuff up top, I'm kinda over how everyone is an asshole to Lassiter.

    Joking around at first was okay, but in the last 3 books I've read, I've been cringing at it. Why does he stay there? Can't he find someplace where people at least like him? At the end of this book, he is stuck in what is supposed to be a humorous situation. But all I could think of is how if it was anyone else, there would be crying and gnashing of teeth and worry, but even Bitty and Mary shrug it off because it's just Lassiter.

    The one who was trying to do something special for you two, who has been doing special somethings for you through the whole book, but everyone still treats like shit. Edited to add: And what's up with Butch being the Dehstroyer? I thought he was supposed to suck up the portion of the Omega in the lessers they kill in order to weaken the Omega. Remember how he got sick after battles because when they popped the lessers back to the Omega he ate their soul or something and V had to help him get over it, conveniently by curling up all nekkid with him? All these battles they get in and only one lately has mentioned anything about Butch having to do that.

    And yet they are really worried the Omega is about to take the fight to an all new level. The BDB has the prophesied conqueror of the Omega and they just decided to put him on the back burner or something? View all 4 comments. With every J. Ward book I read, I usually have some high expectations.

    But actually with this one, I went in without really making observations beforehand and still, Ward managed to impress me. Axe is the kinkier one of the new recruits and for a moment, I worried that he was going to be Vishious 2. However, after reading the book, I was fully sold on him. He has so many romantic lines in this book that it was impossible for me not to be swept away by him. And considering his earlier demeanor, that was not something I expected from him. Ward explores a lot of the class dynamic in this story, which I really enjoyed reading about because it makes these vampires more human in my eyes.

    The issues they need to overcome are human issues, real issues that make them very relatable. I think it does. Naturally, I think BDB fans will favor this storyline over Elise and Axe because we know Rhage and Mary so well already and the emotional attachment is there. But that aside, I do think Ward created a good balance between the two. Feb 20, Carmen Rae rated it it was amazing Shelves: vampire , love-it , must-read-series , para , ghosts , angels-nephilim , lal-tbr-challenge , a-rr-review , amazon-reviewed.

    And the Black Dagger Brotherhood are almost at the top of the list of books that I struggle with. So how do I review that? And I enjoyed everything about them. Axe and Peyton were interesting and I really enjoy going back to the start with this whole new generation of recruits.

    We got a lot of Mary, Rhage and Bitty and their adoption and with that a whole heap of the original brothers along with a lot of Lassiter who I loved so much in this book he almost stole the show. He made me laugh and he made me cry. Check out my reviews here View all 13 comments. Feb 09, Jacqueline's Reads rated it really liked it Shelves: pnr , 4-star-books. I really like how J. Ward continued the series with this spin off Black Dagger Legacy series.

    It will just m 4. The first book, Blood Kiss focused a lot on the training center and fighting, which was great, but I like that Blood Vow is a bit different. Axe is the poor boy doing whatever he can to earn a living. I know, cute right? Elise is the rich book nerd that only wants to go to school, but her over protective father is making it very difficult for her.

    I liked Elise too. The side story is with Mary and Rhage. Bitty has come into their lives and they are in the process of adopting Bitty. The threat of a family member coming to claim Bitty is fierce and it puts Mary and Rhage on edge. I found it entertaining, a little slow at the beginning, but really good when you got past that part.

    The plot, the characters, basically the whole book worked for me. Axewell Another fun read by J. I still think she passed up on something that could have been really great. But any whoozles I wa Axewell Another fun read by J. I was expecting to be bored because the heroine is another aristocrat from the glymera. But I actually found these two sweet. Axe surprised me the most with how vulnerable, heartfelt and honest he is with Elise. I found it adorable and endearing. A little cliche yes but different coming from a guy like him.

    I also really liked the fact that an aristocratic vampire is attending college at a human University to get her PHD. I found that different, bold and refreshing. Ruhn: Probably the standout character out of the whole book. But Ward really made me like him. Like really really like him. Yup, winner! I just wanted to hug him. He stepped up to the plate as a guardian angel in many ways.

    go to site And the incident near the end had me hollering out loud and it usually takes a lot to get me to LOL while reading. This is the kind of funny Lassiter humor that I'll take. Ward really knows how to pull at the heartstrings and different ranges of emotions. And the resolution was so sweet and wonderful. Although I could have done without the whole view spoiler [Rhage's 2 near death experiences in here. Heavy-handed much Ward? The Beast wasn't enough? But here, they. And completely unnecessary and unbelievable.

    Why would a hard ass like Novo even know who the hell Scott Disick is? Scott Disick??? No no no and no. Come on. Same goes for Axe. A former druggie who would get high and binge watch television is passable Out of all of them, I thought Ward was really pushing it the most with Axe. These guys have no business knowing these things, binge watching or not. Put down the remote Ward. Please, I beg you. The sex scenes were sexy enough I just was expecting a little more…..

    I wanted more and was expecting hot monkey swinging from the chandelier freaky sex. It did not reach V levels. Let me just put it like that. Ward played it safe IMO. I found it weak and underwhelming. And I hated how Elise reacted to it. Using it as some dirty shameful secret where the heroine acts horrified and disgusted I found undeserving and predictable. Favorite Quotes: With his chin dropped to his chest, he was staring at her from under his brows, his pale yellow eyes glowing as they locked on her and her alone. Her first cogent thought was that he was a predator.

    Her second… was that she wanted to be caught. I wish I could do what you did for him someday. A buoyant bubble of happiness had engulfed them both, and they were bouncing in the center of the joyful space, free of anything on the outside. View all 14 comments. Wanted more of the story focused on Axe and Elise, but still enjoyed it. Can't wait for Novo and Peyton's story!

    Uncles Trunk (A Shadows in the Dark Book Book 1) Uncles Trunk (A Shadows in the Dark Book Book 1)
    Uncles Trunk (A Shadows in the Dark Book Book 1) Uncles Trunk (A Shadows in the Dark Book Book 1)
    Uncles Trunk (A Shadows in the Dark Book Book 1) Uncles Trunk (A Shadows in the Dark Book Book 1)
    Uncles Trunk (A Shadows in the Dark Book Book 1) Uncles Trunk (A Shadows in the Dark Book Book 1)
    Uncles Trunk (A Shadows in the Dark Book Book 1) Uncles Trunk (A Shadows in the Dark Book Book 1)
    Uncles Trunk (A Shadows in the Dark Book Book 1) Uncles Trunk (A Shadows in the Dark Book Book 1)
    Uncles Trunk (A Shadows in the Dark Book Book 1) Uncles Trunk (A Shadows in the Dark Book Book 1)

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